We Allow No Strangers (Silvan Theme)

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dragonwarriorfan has updated this deck: If you like Silvan Decks, you'll love this

This is a pretty straightforward (true) Silvan theme deck - no Galadriel. The two problems I have had in previous versions are threat and card draw, which Sneak Attack + Gandalf mostly fixes. Heed the Dream also should help (it will replace Deep Knowledge) and The Evening Star is one of my new favorite "insurance" cards.

Sneak Attack is in there to trigger more Silvan Shenanigans.

It works with Galadhon Archer (I may replace these with Marksman of Lorien) Galadhrim Healer Galadhrim Minstrel Gandalf Naith Guide Orophin

The effect can also trigger Defender of the Naith

But has no effect for Henamarth Riversong Rumil

I listed some sideboard cards that make it in when I need a little something different for a quest. Good Harvest when I get frustrated playing tri-sphere, Grappling Hook was a lot of fun with Elven Spear, but I never had the card draw to use it enough.


Jun 07, 2016 Vallandi 1

Super cool! I wish I had all those cards.