Old Allies of Lorien

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WingfootRanger 2557

This is a strong solo deck I used with success. Most notably it defeated Escape from Dol Guldur. It has many powerful elements, including Outlands, Gondorian Fire, Tale of TinĂºviel, and all the fun that comes with Galadriel and Glorfindel. In a way, it's based off of the old alliances the elves have with the realms of men.

Getting the Mirror of Galadriel in play as soon as possible allows us to find everything else so much easier, whether that be gathering the Outlands, finding Unexpected Courage, or enabling the Steward of Gondor/Gondorian Fire/Blood of NĂºmenor combo for Amarthiul. Nenya also gets us an even more excellent Tale of Tinuviel and Fair and Perilous! I have seen Amarthiul and Glorfindel eradicate larger enemies in a single hit with ease thanks to these combos while the Outlands handle everything else (like questing).

If you don't mind Outlands, this deck might suit you if you want to play with some of the game's power cards. It uses Outlands, but doesn't completely piggyback off of them.


Aug 01, 2016 WanderingTook 1338

This deck has been spotlighted by Cardboard of the Rings: cardboardoftherings.com