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Mazarbul 35

This deck is part of a Fellowship, played alongside a deck that has: Éowyn, Arwen Undómiel and Beregond. See Fellowship page below.

This deck focus on two things: handing attachments to Beregond and combat. Defending is handled by the two sentinel heroes: Beorn and Beregond.

Aragorn enables the deck to draw cards via Foe-hammer and more importantly pulls enemies off from the other deck and the staging area. With a Rohan Warhorse attached to him he'll help you clear the board of enemies in no time. Don't forget that Arwen Undómiel in the other deck can send a resource to Aragorn to help paying for the expensive allies.

Beorn is extremely useful in the first couple of rounds, before Beregond has his shield and a few options for readying himself. After that Beorn mainly just attack. But to be able to take an early attack from a nasty forumtroll without dying and then be able to swing back for 5 attack (up to 9 attack with Aragorn and his ability to decrease the defense of an enemy) is awesome.

Beravor usually quest during the first round or two. But if you feel that it's more important to dig for the crucial attachments there is no one better for the job. When the other deck has questing under control her card draw is extremely useful and once you get used to having all those cards in your hand you'll always try to squeeze her into your future decks.



  • Beorn is Beorn.


Steward of Gondor (played via A Good Harvest) goes on a Hero of the other deck to enable that deck to play as many questing allies as possible and fuel Elven-light while always having a spare resource for A Test of Will.

Song of Wisdom and A Burning Brand goes on Beregond in the other deck.

Protector of Lórien is a great attachment later in the game when this deck got dead cards in the hand or the other deck has a few Elven-light that can be discarded. Attach it to Éowyn/Arwen Undómiel and Beravor for a huge questing boost. Note that the Action states "each phase" and not each round, so the other deck may discard any amount of Elven-light each phase and then pay 1 resource to bring one of those cards back to the hand along with drawing 1 new card. Very useful and doable when Steward of Gondor is in play.

Flame of Anor is a placeholder for upcoming card "Open the armory" (see link below). It cost 1 but is a really nice way to find the Dagger of Westernesse or Gondorian Shield.