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kjncl 10

This is a deck I threw together to take advantage of the synergy between Elladan and Elrohir. I am playing the Road To Rivendell scenario and lost on the first go. I had some pretty bad luck, but I was short on allies so I added a few more (this is the modified version). I paired this deck with this spirit lore deck i found . Once you get all the dwarves out, this deck makes more money than you can possibly need, making Parting Gifts a very useful tool.


Jan 10, 2017 Lecitadin 132

Brok Ironfist!!!!

Jan 10, 2017 kjncl 10

@Lecitadin I needed to pack as many dwarves as I could find, old Brok Ironfist was conveniently in sphere

Jan 10, 2017 BrandonB 13

The biggest issue I see with your deck is that you only start with one Dwarf, Thorin Oakenshield, AND the ally dwarves you selected are pretty expensive. Of the 12 dwarves eligible to be out at the same time, 7 cost 4 or more. You do have Steward to help with this, but I fully suspect you'll be playing that on Elladan, meaning you're NOT going to reach 5 dwarves until 4-5 turns in. And that's if you don't lose a single dwarf to the encounter deck.

Oakenshield is an expensive hero to start with, and if you're not going to use his main ability for half the game or more, you may want to consider going a different direction. Mablung, would get you far more resources throughout the game at the cost of two less threat.

I'd also drop Parting Gifts and Song of Battle. Your deck is close enough to even in cost that you don't really need to be moving around resources like that.

Jan 11, 2017 kjncl 10

@BrandonBAgreed on most points, I was just trying rush together something with heros I've not used before, also I'm using cards up until the redhorn gate (Plus over hill and under hill) so I don't have Mablung yet, although that is a cool looking hero.