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ff0x 306

ff0x has a newer deck inspired by this one: Tents for Ents

This deck was inspired by the deck 'Hasten the Ents' published on the Wardens of Arnor blog. (Direct link to the deck: https://wardenofarnor.wordpress.com/2015/08/25/deck-hasten-the-ents/)

This version doesn't play Gandalff and Sneak Attack because I play with one or two friends and quite often Gandalf is one of the Heroes.

This left me with even less to do with the resources of Faramir so I sacrificed the utility of Pippin to be able to shift resources and gave me even more deck space by dropping Errand-rider. Wealth of Gondor and Gaining Strength both allow a first turn Treebeard which was previously only possible by playing DĂșnedain Hunter without an Ent on the table. You can still do it, but in this iteration I rather use him as a force multiplier for both my Ranger heroes.

When I decided on how to buff up my defenses I added Ent Draught to the already present Gondorian Shield because it can be used as an extra hp buffer for my heroes and also improves the defensive capabilities of the Derndingle Warrior or any ent that I need to defend with. Unfortunately, I cannot use it on Beechbone anymore but there are more then enough targets and it can also be found with Entmoot.

Any feedback is welcome, of course. I am always looking for ways to improve the deck and if you have good idea which deck to pair it with for 2/3/4-player games I am all ears.


Apr 01, 2016 mndela 340

Seems consistent ent deck. I'd try to add still more resources instead feint and tireless hunters.

Apr 13, 2016 ff0x 306

Thanks for the feedback. I used to have Steward of Gondor in the deck but quite often other players wanted to use it themselves and this seemed the best way to stop worrying about it. We Are Not Idle is another card I tried in place of Wealth of Gondor and I am not certain which I like more.