Bard and Eagles - Mono Tactics

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Taurelin 198

Taurelin has a newer deck inspired by this one: Low threat - mono tactics

This deck is a variation of this amazing Bard-centered deck created by The Mormegil (thanks für the inspiration!). I recommend reading the original description, which explains the strategy and card choices in detail.

Here are some thoughts on my changes in contrast to that list:

  • While playing the deck, I sometimes had the feeling of drawing many dead cards. Especially the package of Legolas and his equipment seems to take many slots.
  • To compensate for the reduced card draw, I added the rather traditional Eagle-package including the Eagles are Coming. The cheap allies are excellent while surviving the early game, and with EotMM they have an additional function once they've done their job. Moreover, Support of the Eagles is a card that works both for Bard and Beregond, especially because it is not restricted.
  • The Book of Eldacar was suggested in the comments, and it is extremely useful. The most important targets are Behind Strong Walls and Feint, but you can also recycle The Eagles are Coming or Thicket of Spears.
  • Deorwine and Black Arrow got removed. As 1-ofs, you can't rely on getting them, so the deck has to perform without them most of the time anyway.

I agree with The Mormegil that the deck functions best alongside a strong questing deck, especially with access to Unexpected Courage and additional support (like this one).

Playtesting (2-handed) see Fellowship-page.