Silvan Tribe

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Frost15 has updated this deck: Silvan Tribe

This is a very nice deck I've been using to complete every mission on the first cycle. I even managed to complete solo Dol Guldur in my second attempt (Glorfindel prisoner) with a personal record of 33. This deck mechanics is pretty simple. If you are familiar with Silvan decks you should know what to do and how to use every card. If you are not here are a few hints:

  • Get allies out quickly. Try to mulligan O L√≥rien! to accelerate the process. Use Celeborn ability to quest fast with allies.
  • Light of Valinor goes on Celeborn.
  • Don't waste Woodland Courier ability. You should probably have enough allies out to support every single task, so make her entrance glorious.
  • Unexpected Courage goes on Galadriel. This will allow her to use her ability and Nenya on the same turn, which is absolutely brilliant.
  • If you get Asfaloth on Glorfindel use it's ability wisely, do not rush it.
  • Mirkwood Runner is the card you need to finish enemies Gandalf has already crippled. Together they should allow you kill most enemies (even strong ones). Add Fair and Perilous to the combo and this deck could be an all-round marvel.
  • Try to keep your threat level low all the time with cards such as Elrond's Counsel and Galadriel's Handmaiden, so you can choose enemies to kill one by one.
  • Have fun!

PS: I always try to keep my decks thematic and at 50 cards max/min. Feel free to comment or suggest anything.