Delving Into Moria - Into the Pit 1/1

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Delving Into Moria - Into the Pit
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I'm fairly new to the game, and this is my first foray into the Dwarrowdelf cycle using the cards from my rather limited pool to work through the scenarios. I'm doing my best to create dwarven synergy from the cards in my collection, so these decks may have some shortcomings that would be easily fixed with some other expansions, particularly the Hobbit sagas. This is intended to be played two handed.

Dáin Ironfoot stands ready, defending only when absolutely necessary. Bifur is there for resource stabilization, and Glóin can add some additional resources with his response.

The main goal is to get Steward of Gondor into play on Dain, along with Song of Wisdom, and then start getting down some dwarf allies to take advantage of Dain's buffing. Galadriel is there for deck manipulation, helping get the needed cards in hand.

The location encounters in the Into the Pit scenario can be a bit rough, hence Ancestral Knowledge. Self Preservation and Boots from Erebor go on Glóin to keep him grinding for resources while protecting his health.

I'm always open to suggestions for improving the strength of these decks as well.