Flotsam & Jetsem

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Sfrug 9

A pretty purely thematic deck, based upon a single chapter of Lord of the Rings: "Floatsam & Jetsam", in the first half of The Two Towers.

In that chapter, having just reunited at the end of the previous chapter, Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli sit down with Merry and Pippin. It is noted that their horses are let to graze — Legolas's Arod, and Aragorn's Hasufel— who, as he doesn't have his own card, we can replace by Aragorn's later mount, Roheryn. First they have a Good Meal, and then they sit smoking some Old Toby that Merry & Pippin found in the ruins of Isengard (from two years before — a good year, Pippin notes, meaning that it had been A Good Harvest of pipeweed). The hobbits smoke their Hobbit Pipes, Strider smokes his Dúnedain Pipe, and Pippin gives Gimli a pipe which of course thereby becomes a Dwarf Pipe. As they smoke, Merry and Pippin tell A Very Good Tale of their adventures withi Treebeard, Quickbeam and the rest of the Ents.

Early on in the chapter, Aragorn gives the hobbits back their Dagger of Westernesses, and gives Pippin his Elf-stone. Naturally he is carrying the Sword that was Broken, wearing his Ring of Barahir and his Celebrían's Stone, too.

And Bilbo? ... Er... Was on their minds, I'm sure.

Will it actually play? Probably not too well. Roheryn will let you play Legolas, Arod and the Dagger, so try to dig it out quickly. Bilbo (my main concession to non-thematic considerations) will help you get the pipes. Use Elf-Stone and A Very Good Tale to get the allies out quickly; Merry should help compensate for Gandalf's threat-rises.