Beorn...What's that stuck to your back?

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FolcoBoffin has updated this deck: You're a Wizard, Beorn!

"Beorn, whats that green gooey stuff stuck to your back?"

"My Lunch"

"But it's covered in hairs now"

"Why do I care"

-Aragorn looks around nervously-

"Ohhhhhhhh-Kay!" Gandalf says hoping not to get on the Bears bad side

I had an awesome time playing this deck! The deck is based around keeping Beorn alive and using the White Wizard's ability as long as possible. I also included a lot of fun allies and events for my amusement like Favor of the Valar, Palantir, Fierce Defense, and Steward of Orthanc. Aragorn is included as a hero because he can reset your threat once per game. This lets us keep Gandalf in play as long as possible.

I was very surprised at how well this deck works, it was surprisingly effective. It is able to quest(mainly due to Gandalf) and kill.

One thing about Narya is that it can be used on Gandalf himself (because he is an ally) to increase his combat strength. Very cool gimmick.

This is probably one of the only times I have(and ever will) include Palantir in a deck. It actually works decent in here because of Aragorn's ability to reset your threat. It actually works ok in just can't use it too much.

It was really nice to be able to use all of these threat increasing cards without much of a burden from them.

I'm sure there are lots of ways to improve this deck, but this is just some cards I hadn't used in one of my other 25 decks, so I just threw it together.