Saga 3P: Galadriel Gives Stuff Away

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RidderMarc 13

Support+Quest / deck for Saga 3P Fellowship. The main goal is to aggressively use the Mirror, Galadriel's card draw, and Master of the Forge to find attachments for all three players, while engaging as few enemies as possible. She'll need the Steward to make the most of all that draw power, which the deck won't mind giving up in exchange for playing Self Preservation on Gloin. Silver Harp is another high-priority card, as it keeps the Mirror from backfiring. Of course, Nenya + Unexpected Courage (or, if the deck is feeling creative, Heir of Mardil) boosts Galadriel's contribution significantly.

This deck is generally weak on defense and should avoid engaging enemies. With Haldir ready to help -- especially when boosted by either Bow of the Galadhrim or Dagger of Westernesse from the partner -- other players won't mind taking on an extra enemy. He's also a good target for the Valiant Warrior boon. Get Wingfoot on him early, which allows him to quest and fight when an enemy comes out during staging. (I suppose Light of Valinor is preferable to Wingfoot, if you want to do it the easy way.) In combat-heavy quests, running Ranger Spear + Entangling Nets is quite useful.

Pippin is mostly along for the ride. There's better heroes out there to round out this deck, but we wanted him for theme and his low helps Haldir pick off enemies from afar. Pippin stoutly contributes 2 to the quest each turn and doesn't do much else. (I usually forget to draw a card when we end up engaging an enemy, it happens so rarely!)

Stuff to give away (in relative order of importance):

  • Self Preservation on Glóin, to help that deck with resource generation. Gloin is also a good target for Protector of Lórien, so he can take on bigger attacks withe less risk.
  • Fast Hitch on Frodo, and then Merry or Sam.
  • Unexpected courage on Gimli or Gloin.
  • Strider can help boost the player's , since they rarely have 3+ allies going.
  • Lembas wherever needed.
  • The sideboard cards increase flexibility for location control, should the quest require it.

This deck also handles all the healing for the fellowship. Elrond is a no-brainer, especially if there's some chaotic fighting going on as he'll heal+quest+combat before ghosting. He's been known to make 4+ appearances per game thanks to Stand and Fight. Imladris Caregiver and Lembas may be considered optional: they could be swapped out for some of the location control sideboard cards if the quest calls for it. Similarly, Erebor Hammersmith and Miner of the Iron Hills are both situationally useful, if the quest has treachery attachments or attachment discard effects.

The sideboard is large. Being able to adjust healing, location management, and combat cards between quests allows the other decks to remain pretty consistent throughout the saga.