Celeborn's Reinforcements

Questlogs using this decklist
Journey up the Anduin - 2 Players - 2020-01-29
Lost in Mirkwood - 2 Players - 2020-01-30
The Withered Heath - 2 Players - 2020-02-02
Roam Across Rhovanion - 2 Players - 2020-02-03
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A Host of Galadhrim
Derived from
City of Ulfast 2/2 - Reinforcements 0 0 0 1.0
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Denison 496

I used a different version of this deck to get through Ulfast, but I found the deck needed more card draw for use against other quests. The key for this deck is to find as many events as possible to keep drawing cards and ultimately keep bouncing Galdalf into play.

So Balin here instead of Sam. One more threat and one less willpower, but Unlikely Friendship gets added, not to mention the occaisional push-button shadow cancellation. I also added Campfire Tales instead of Hobbit Cloak.

Celeborn works with all the silvans in the fellowship, Gildor Inglorion helps to dig for needed events, and Sam Gamgee is there for his willpower and low threat. With Rosie, he is a great role player.

Reinforcements and Sneak Attack are the primary cards to look for in the opening hand (along with Steward of Gondor, of course. Steward of Gondor goes on Gildor Inglorion so that he can draw cards and still pay for cards, like Reinforcements.

The Elvenking goes to Thranduil.

All of the 2 willpower leadership allies are present to help keep questing power up.