Gandalf: Babysitter, 1/3 of the Fellowship of the Ring (2)

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You Shall Be...The Fellowship of the Ring
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Gandalf: Babysitter, 1/3 of the Fellowship of the Ring (2) 2 0 0 1.0
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AtomicDuckie 53

This deck is the second of my trio of decks that make up the Fellowship of the Ring and is the heart of questing for the trio. Merry and Pippin, with the help of the other Hobbits can quickly help reduce threat around the board and to quest quite quickly as they build. Gandalf, as usual, is making sure that Merry and Pip aren't getting into too much trouble and can help to take on any combat threats that may arise, as well as helping to help get any cards out that may be needed more quickly.