Crush your enemies and hear the lamentation of their women!

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You quest, I do the fighting
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warlock000 147

This is deck is a part of my Fellowship:

The sole purpose of this deck is to handle all the fighting in a 2-player game, with no contribution to standard willpower questing whatsoever (you need an accompanying deck, like the one in the Fellowship, to deal with questing and locations).

There's a lot of ranged/sentinel characters, readying effects for defenders and effects that help you make sure that your friend doesn't receive any combat damage at all.

Mulligan for Gondorian Shield, hopefully you'll also draw one or two readying effects.

Beregond should be your primary defender, use Beorn as an emergency backup (Honour Guard is his best friend).

Don't forget - you can also play your extra bows/blades on your silvan allies!