In Imladris It Dwells

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This deck is inspired by Heed the Dream and influenced by @Seastan's The One Deck.

Thematically, Heed the Dream represents Boromir being sent by Denethor to Imladris, based on the dream that Boromir (and also Faramir) had. There, Boromir joins the Council of Elrond.

With Elrond and Denethor, Heed the Dream can be played for its complete effect on Turn 1, which makes it a perfect search tool for Vilya.

Glorfindel is a good fit as the third Hero as he keeps the Starting Threat low and gives immediate access to the sphere.

The Ally selection is taken directly from @Seastan's The One Deck with the exception of Glorfindel, who is traded out for Boromir (for both uniqueness and thematic reasons).

The Attachment selection is a general toolbox, with unique Attachments kept to a minimum to provide a range of options and to minimise the probability of wasting Vilya on a unique card already in play.

How to play

I would welcome any comments, feedback or suggestions.