Staging attackers - saga fellowship

alandor 33


Publishing this just for comments on how to improve it. I'm playing LotR Saga two-handed and got stuck at The Ring Goes South. Trying to build two decks that can tackle enemies in staging area without having to engage them.

The idea with this deck is to avoid engaging enemies and let Eomer and Dunhere deal with them. Pipping raises engagement cost for all enemies, Song of EƤrendil is used to keep the Rohan threat down and the hobbits have more threat reduction. Hobbits will also play Resourceful or Steward of Gondor on Eomer to boost his resource production.

Problem is that when card effects cause enemies to engage me anyway I'm not set up to deal with it. Not sure if this deck is a good idea. I'm considering swapping Dunhere for Glorfindel.