Hopeful Sailors

frozen 150


This is the fellowship I'm attempting to build for a 2-Handed playthrough of the Dreamchaser cycle, but it is not going well.

I crushed Journey along the Anduin on my very first playthrough with the deck, but have lost about a dozen times since to Mumakil, Celebrimbor's Secret, and even Voyage Across the Belegaer, so I'm looking for some advice.

I think what it comes down to is just that both decks need too long to set up. Once the hobbits get some allies and Red Book, they can quest for plenty on their own, and once Elladan and Elrohir are set up they can defend and kill just about anything, but by the time I get there I have too many enemies or too many locations in staging or too high of threat.

I'm sure I could add Test of Will or Sneak Attack Gandalf or something and things would start working out, but I'd like to avoid making the most obvious changes.

The hobbit deck is mostly made up so I could see why it might struggle, but the Children of Elrond deck is heavily inspired by Scions of the House of El, which by all accounts is a popular and successful enough deck. This is my first time playing a Noldor deck and I can't for the life of me afford any of the Spirit cards when I need to keep using Arwen's resources to attempt to refill my hand with Elven Light.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!