Return to Mirkwood - First Attempt


I tweaked my Fellowship from tDM slightly to help out with threat. Questing shouldn't be any kind of problem, but I'm hoping I don't hosed by Gollum increasing threat by 3 each Round. The Leadership/Lore Deck should be the primary controller of Gollum unless things really go south. This is definitely a rush deck, with Eleanor in place for handling some of the brutal treacheries. Gandalf is in threat reduction mode, and Gimli will probably take a few undefended wounds (with Boots from Erebor giving a minor health buff) to get his damage output up. Éowyn is a 100% quester, and Dáin Ironfoot is there solely for the buffs (duh).

Game plan is to get cheap allies out to help with questing while keeping a few dwarfs ready for combat to take advantage of Dain's boost.