Assault on Osgiliath, thematic tale of years campaign


A thematic grouping of decks for playing through the Tale of Years with ... The Purple Wizard. We play with a variation of the rules. long ago, we created heroes that would represent ourselves. The Purple Wizard plays that deck of heroes, represented by the stand-in deck. I play with a thematic deck that represents the region of that quest. The stand-in deck is tri-sphere which makes it very vulnerable to cards like Masters Malice. So the other decks carry songs to help change his spheres. Denethor and sons lead these armies, providing strategy and logistics. the tactics deck led by Thorongil(aka Aragorn) fights in the streets of Osgiliath. the blue deck represents Gondor’s forces coming up the river from Pelargir. a Gondor trap deck would also be a good 4th deck for a thematic campaign, but room had to be made for ourselves.