Swift Strike

Event. Cost: 2.

Response: After a character is declared as a defender, deal 2 damage to the attacking enemy.

A swift stroke she dealt, skilled and deadly.
The Return of the King

Core Set #37. Tactics.

Swift Strike

When I first went over the core set player cards I immediately liked this one. After my first game I realized that if an enemy has only 2 HP, it's weak enough that you don't need to swift strike it. Add to that it's high cost and you shouldn't want to play this card unless you're running Thalin, Gondorian spearman, spear of the Citadel, etc.

Very useful card for combo with Gondorian Spearman or Thalin, but not used so much often as Feint or Quick Strike, but I still don't understand why this card has only one copy in the core set, cause it don't look so unique to me. Nice artwork. Verdict: 4/5.

matrosh 530