Deceptively strong in singleplayer. One threat for one resource is a pretty good trade when Doomed only has one threat dial to increase. A very useful hero for breaking through the early game, as his 'resource generation' is great in Lore when you often have a glut of cards and nothing to pay for them with. Often nice even when you don't actually use his ability, as simply having him there can free up a resource that you'd otherwise want to save for events you may or may not even need this round (e.g. A Test of Will). The main advantage against him is his stats being worse than expected for his threat cost, so you have to be sure that you'll need his ability. Overall, a very strong contender for any solo Lore deck (especially without Leadership and other resource generation).

A hero who I tend to find doesn't get as much credit as he deserves. He's clearly not geared towards making flashy plays, but the flashy plays are often less significant than the consistent power of support abiilities like Mablung's resource generation. And let's look at that resource generation for a moment, comparing it to other heroes who generate resources - Théodred has to quest with only 1 , not really a cost but a minor restriction; Glóin has to take damage while Arwen Undómiel has to discard a card, an additional cost to gain the resources, even if it can be mitigated; Thorin Oakenshield requires you to reach 5 Dwarves and Amarthiúl requires two engaged enemies, so they take some setup (and the latter can be a somewhat risky prospect). But Mablung? His only requirement for generating additional resources is that you engage enemies, which in the vast majority of cases is something you're going to be doing anyway. They're basically completely free resources as much as the bonus two you get from Denethor, putting Mablung alongside the noble Steward as the easiest resource-generating glue hero to just drag and drop into any deck using his sphere without any other changes being required.

Further to this easy drag-and-drop nature is his flexible statline - other heroes' stats will dictate what they end up being used for and that will in turn have a bearing on what other heroes you pair them up with, but Mablung can fill whatever role you particularly need in your deck (and for that matter in any given round during the game). 2 makes him a creditable quester, especially in the generally -light sphere, he can be a decent attacker (and has excellent synergy with Gondorian Fire if you want to power him up in that direction) and he can also serve as a defender (especially given a Gondorian Shield).

While I've mostly focused thus far on the fact Mablung places few or no restrictions on your deckbuilding to make him work, but you can also build around his ability effectively if you so choose. I already mentioned Gondorian Fire, obviously, and otherwise you can focus on triggering that ability more - it's limit once per phase, which means theoretically he could generate 7 resources in a single round if you have that many means to engage enemies (and that many enemies to engage). Son of Arnor, Dúnedain Hunter or Knight of Minas Tirith can get you an enemy in the Planning phase, in the case of the Hunter potentially getting you the extra resource you need to play another important card; Westfold Outrider can let you grab another enemy at any time you like; Tireless Hunters with Mablung becomes effectively a free event and can be very helpful; and of course Aragorn gets you extra enemies on killing the ones you have for a nice hero pairing. Alternatively for hero pairings, Mablung obviously also goes well with other heroes who trigger on engaging enemies, like Faramir, Sam Gamgee and Pippin so you can double or triple up the benefits you're getting.

For the reasons I've described - his extreme flexibility combined with the fact that resource generation is one of the most powerful effects in the game, I consider Mablung to be one of the most powerful heroes in the game, and creditably ranked in the full list of heroes from all spheres as well. He responds well to some specific attention in deckbuilding but doesn't require it, regardless providing an incredibly potent effect essentially for free and slotting into whatever role you feel like putting him into. Mablung is basically all upside.

Best Hero from the DreamChaser cycle IMO. His Setup ability accelerates your board state which is very important as the early game is usually the most difficult. He boasts a focused stat line which I prefer though his HP could be higher his 8 threat is awesome for keeping threat low. Denethor isn't a flashy hero but powerful none the less similar to Spirit Glorfindel whose only real attributes are great stats and low threat.


This is without doubt my favourite of the 'top card of your discard pile' Noldor Allies from the Grey Havens. Just on base stats alone, contributing 1 in Tactics for only two resources is incredible on a non-unique Ally (only Derndingle Warrior has the same willpower and cost) and allows Tactics decks to contribute meaningfully to questing without skimping on the combat prowess that is their forte. This allows the Sea-Watcher to contribute to the game whilst waiting for any Ally to hit your discard pile and turn it into a combat machine. 3 is excellent on a 2-cost Ally - especially one that can contribute in the questing phase - and if paying 'normal' price this Ally would cost 3 resources so as long as you can keep a dead Ally in the right place this Ally is quite a bargain. But how to do that? Thankfully, Allies are the easiest card type to get into the discard pile since at the very least you can use them to chump-block an attacker - which works perfectly in this instance as the Sea-Watcher's ability wants to be active when you are attacking which happens to be right after any chump-blocking Allies have died. If you don't fancy sacrificing your allies in this manner, you can also make use out of allies that can be discarded from play for an effect (most Rohan allies fit the bill here and Westfold Outrider is particularly helpful as he can be discarded to bring an enemy into range of the Sea-Watcher whilst simultaneously ensuring you have the attack power to finish them off). The Sea-Watcher is the greatest help to mono-Tactics solo decks as not only do they lack cheap questing Allies (and cheap allies in general!) but they have access to two reasonably costed Allies who can be killed to 'prevent' enemy attacks - Grimbold and White Tower Watchman. Sacrificing these Allies will not only cancel the attack of a powerful enemy you need to kill, but will boost the attack power of your Sea-Watchers so you can defeat them. I don't see myself making any Tactics decks in th near future that don't include a full three copies of this extremely useful card.

I also love this card. However, if you want really good value, the #Dunedain Hunter is even better because he is free. —

To me this is the best card in silvan deck. It give you the event needed to jump here (Feigned Voices and The Tree People are my favorite) or a very good tale to make you able of bring tons of allies in a few turn. After that it give you the cancel effect you need to be sure to maintain this army.

I would argue that "The Tree People" is the best card in the deck, but Gladhrim is a close second. Combined, they are the most potent combination of cards in the deck, I would say. —
I'm not averse to throwing her into any deck where I consider an event critical. —