Healing Herbs is an option for healing that is often overlooked. It costs zero, which is a big plus in Lore and you can retrieve it with Erebor Hammersmith. It does have the constraints of exhausting a hero and it only heals one chararcter, but the table will often have an uber-defender like Beregond or Elrohir that needs to stay healthy. Their are also a multitude of Lore support heroes that can afford their actions on Healing Herbs. Bifur, Mirlonde, Damrod, Ori, Pippin, Folco, Galdor, Erestor, Bilbo, and Grima all fit the bill. I think this is an underrated card.

Light of Valinor is a borderline brokenly powerful card, and not just for it's interaction with the equally powerful Spirit Glorfindel. Elrond and Cirdan are both good targets, so they can lend their willpower to the quest and use their rings. You could put it on Arwen in a recursion deck to activate Tale of Tinuviel. Rossiel, Argalad, and Spirit Legolas are all good targets as well. Light of Valinor is quite flexible and is honestly one of the best action advantage cards in the game.

Imladris Stargazer in an incredibly powerful card and should be a consideration for every deck running Spirit. The ability to set up your next five cards is a huge boost to efficiency, not just a way to make sure your Zigil Miners, Hidden Caches, Well Equipped, and Elrond hit. I've even successfully defended with her against those wimpy Eastern Crows. This is a great ally, put it in all your spirit decks.

Trollshaw Scout, a bit like Watcher of the Bruinen, is a card I wish found it's way into my decks more often. That ranged gatling machine is quite useful, but Tactics has always suffered from card draw, especially now that the Foe Hama is now dead. Nonetheless, I think this a good ally, better in multiplayer, and is fun to build around.

Path of Need is a cool card, but hampered by the facts that it's limit one per deck, and that active locations usually only stick around for one round. If you can work around those, this card will change your game. You can fish it out of your deck with Gather Information, Heed the Dream, or Word of Command, and recur it with Tome of Atanatar. It's especially useful in quests like Dread Realm and Three Trials that give you a couple stages to find it, and then slam you with a big boss fight and a location that can't be explored until you meet a certain condition.