I'm really disappointed by the wording of Radagast's text box :

You may use resources from Radagast's pool to pay for Creature allies of any sphere.

This ability doesn't allow you to pay 0-cost cards as you don't have a resource match. Notably, if you use your Staff to reduce the cost of a Creature by 2, you will not be able to play it if you don't have another hero with the correct resource icon.

This is half of the available creatures cards in the pool, and the ones you want to play the most : Messenger Raven, Vassal of the Windlord, Winged Guardian, Eagle Emissary, The Riddermark's Finest, Wild Stallion, Bill the Pony. (the ratio gets even worse with AleP cards).

Most of the time Radagast is played in an Eagle deck alongside heroes, so you won't notice it, but it harms seriously other build like a Grey Wanderer deck.

A good fix would be to recognize that, as every other Istari, Radagast should gain a printed icon :

When you play a Creature card, Radagast gains the printed , , and icons.

I've always thought the 0-cost ruling was especially unintuitive. You could just read it the way you want it to work and I don't think anyone would blame you! —
Just don't use his Staff on those creatures then. They're already cheap to begin with, and with Radagast they are practically free. He shines at lowering the cost of the more expensive creatures. Giving him printed resource icons would make him OP. —
Note that Caleb confirmed in a CotR episode that hero Radagast was indeed meant to work that way (that is to say being able to play Creature allies of all spheres even when their cost are reduced to 0). I think they might have used hero Elrond's templating without realizing it was a non-bo with the Staff —
ALeP also proposed a fix similar to the one you are proposing: https://alongextendedparty.com/alep-faq-and-errata/ —

Say you stick a restricted attachment on her lore side, does it disappear when she flips into tactics mode? Or do you get it back when she turns back into her lore version?

I'm wondering as I wanted to put a burning brand on her to defend against the lesser attacks but when I want to flip her I dont want to have to find a burning brand again...

Love this characters passive ability in lore mode. She really sets up a beorning deck.

Any restricted attachments you played on her Lore side are discarded when she flips to her Tactics side. Here you can find a few FAQ about her in case you are interested https://alongextendedparty.com/alep-faq-and-errata/ —
Thanks very much! That clears that up. —

I like using this card to boost willpower in Lore and its stats compare to many 4 cost allies (Ranger of Cardolan, Haldir of Lórien, Thalion). Cheap and quick to get into play and I have found the threat increase to be pretty manageable. It's nice having a 2 Lore ally for 2 resources and I have used the 2 attack plenty of times as well.

There are five other 2 , 2 cost Lore allies (Quickbeam, Mablung, Robin Smallburrow, Wandering Ent, and Lindon Navigator). Quickbeam, Mablung, and Robin Smallburrow make a good 3-card combination if you are looking to boost willpower without paying a threat increase. Wandering Ent (enters play exhausted) and Lindon Navigator (requires discarding cards) have their own additional costs to use.


This is a pretty good card if you have the right target for its action.

I'm thinking in cards like Gandalf or Saruman and that action window at the refresh phase... you can play the Bulwark and remove a nasty card, at no cost, by discarding a card that is going to be discarded anyway. Even better, you can also trigger a Word of Command or A Very Good Tale + Bulwark of the West combo, and maximize the utility of that "leaving play" istari card.

If istari are expensive or that refreshing step is too late for our purposes, we also have several low cost eagles going through some action window, right before we are forced to apply their leaving play effects, in earlier steps of the round.

Having only a few cards in the entire pool for removing condition attachment effects (3 in , 1 in , and this one in , if I'm not wrong1), I believe it is worth to save a few slots for including the Bulwark in our leadership decks.

1. = Miner of the Iron Hills, Athelas, Elrond. = Power of Orthanc.


Spirit is not well-represented amongst the Dúnedain archetype, which is mostly concentrated in Leadership and Tactics. However, Heir of Valandil does not have to go on a Spirit Dúnedain hero to discount the Warden of Annúminas; so, you can have a line-up of, say, Amarthiúl and Aragorn and some Spirit hero like Éowyn and still get the discount on this card. Obviously that doesn't leave room for lore and its useful traps, so this might not work well playing true solo. Where this card becomes useful is when you build a Dúnedain deck and a deck to support the Dúnedain, likely heavy with lore. I decided to run a support deck with Erestor and Beravor for card draw and unearthing lots of important cards like Forest Snare, the ultimate Dúnedain support card. I ended up with five engaged enemies, three with Forest Snare, and my two Wardens of Annúminas were both free and questing for 5 each (and sometimes 6). It took a lot of setup, and I'm still not sure if what I did was genuinely good, but it sure was fun.