Burning Brand is bananas good. With the only restriction of having to attach to a hero, It has the potential of cancelling an insane amount of shadows throughout the game. upon it's (early) release it pretty much rendered Dark Knowledge obsolete. It's so satisfying when a sleeping sentry is woken by a burning brand.

The Long-beard-Map-maker, apart from having too many hyphens and a bee-stung nose, is a pretty good card. Three for one, one , one, and three is kind of expensive, but with Dain on the table he becomes viable. His ability, though, is awesome and the reason I would play him. I reaalize that lore is the sphere most strapped for resources, but still, pretty powerful.

I think Nor am I a Stranger was released, along with born aloft, to make Eomund more appealing (didn't need to be done). It's really quite useless, apart from afore-mentioned Eomund, and Herugrim. The art is good though.

Back when he was released, Eomund wasn't to bad, and he has only improved with age. Three resources for two willpower is good, and he's got some utility otherwise to. His ability can be bananas in the right rohan deck, and you can do it every round with Gamling. Theoden can help alleviate the cost, but I don't think Eomer or Eowyn would appreciate it.

Aside from recent controversy over this card's lack of "e" and Quickbeam's non-uniqueness, most players probably forget this card exists. It's no small wonder when you consider how useless this thing is. Yeah, I hear you, Gandalf works well with Born(e) Aloft and so does descendant of thorondor, but in all seriousness, this is just not good.