When I'm searching cards with silvan or scout traits using filter (x:silvan or x:scout), this card does not show up. I guess it needs to be fixed. Maybe the trait information of this card is not registered in the system. [Never mind, it was my mistake. I should have searched it for "k:silvan"..... I wanted to delete this review but it seems I can only edit it.....]

Haldir of Lorien is a pretty good (albeit much to generalized) ally. Four resources is way too expensive for two of something and three health. He also has the misfortune of having a much better hero version. Ranged and sentinel though, is probably worth it; and versatility is handy.

In a Celeborn/Silvan deck he's a rare powerhouse, and possibly the best result you can get out of playing Tree People. Even without that art he'd be a must-have for me. —

Ancient Mathom is an old, but good staple. It's one of 's only ways of card draw. The only drawback is the fact that you must explore a location first, and a non-immune one at that. But, in the sphere that is the best at location control, the restriction shouldn't be noticed, and one resource for three cards is great.

Escort from Edoras is a very powerful card, though by the looks of things, he could probably use a bit more sleep. Think of it as a two cost event that grants plus four willpower with a good chance of Theoden's cost reduction. You'd play it, right? When he's discarded, he'll fuel all sorts of Rohan discard shenanigans and is a good candidate for Gamling's ability.

To the Eyrie is a terrible card. I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir here, but just look at it. It's eerie how bad this is. You pay two resources (not inexpensive) and exhaust an eagle (don't want to do that) just to return a dead ally to hand (as opposed to back into play). I suppose some corner-case scenario could be found where this is remotely useful, but this is just plain bad.