I used to use ever vigilant a lot. Then I realized it was more efficient to include more cards that did whatever ally I was readying did. It's still not bad, especially on Faramir for a monster quest boost or a utility ally, but I wouldn't put in many decks.

Brok Ironfist is terrible. You're paying an incredible six resources for only two willpower or attack or for a one four defense. If you're planning on using his response, you're in trouble because if a hero is leaving play, good luck.

Here he is in all his glory. The longbeard orc-almost-slayer. Seriously, FFG? Is one damage gonna do much? Granted, it's a neat ability and decent stats, but for four cost?! Okay, so maybe for some reason you have a killer orc just hanging on to life and you pop this guy in. Good for you! It doesn't make the orc-tickler any better.

The Silverlode archer has recently been supplanted by the much more efficient greenwood archer. However, in a Silvan deck, this guy becomes playable, if not good. Ranged is always nice, and there are only 4 ranged allies in the game, one of which is almost as bad as this one. He can also contribute to the quest if need be.

Son of Arnor is a bit of a niche card. He really only fits in a dunedain deck. But that ability can help clear out the staging area for questing and two attack is always useful, expensive or not. Synergy with forest snare and archery sink is good as well