This card is solid. The obvious and pretty much best hero to put it on is my man Beregond and Beregond, but Beregond is better because you can put Gondorian Shield on him as well as Raven-winged Helm with more ease than Power Beregond. You can also use Blood of NĂºmenor and then you can pretty much defend against anything. If you add in ways to cancel the odd nasty shadow effect, you can pretty much get an extra resource every time there is an enemy in play. That extra resource is extremely handy for Tactics in particular, as they have little to no resource generation, and it will give you more freedom on who to attach Steward of Gondor with. This card is especially good in multiplayer because then you can get your friend to go leadership and use this card on your hero, which might be better for you, and also an enemy might engage your friend instead of you for whatever reason (sometimes it is forced, sometimes you might actually want to enagage an enemy), so this card having direct synergy with sentinel just adds versatility and freedom. Also, the extra card in the staging phase can be in your favor as there is more of a chance of an enemy appearing.

Great card. Albeit a bit limited on who you can effectively play it on.

Treebeard is amazing. The ultimate Ent ally. He is for the Ent trait what Radagast should have been for the Eagle trait, but here they made it work so instead of an ally who can work in the specific context of a certain trait-based deck if you preferably cheat him into play for cheap you have an ally whose primary role is to support a trait (which unlike Radagast he belongs to himself as well) but who is not just worth the cost but actually one of the best unique allies in the game even outside of that particular deck type.

Let's explore this in a bit more detail. Of course Treebeard enters play exhausted, like all Ents. That's his only real downside - he also can't have restricted attachments, but it's pretty rare that one puts restricted attachments on allies in any case. His beneficial abilities are of course the Ent equivalent of Radagast's abilities - he generates resources which can pay for Ents just as Radagast does for Eagles, and if you don't have Ents to pay for then he can use those resources instead to ready the ones you already have. But as noted, the consistent issue across the whole trait is entering play exhausted, so that means Treebeard can potentially negate the downside of these otherwise very powerful allies. That he is very rarely used for this purpose indicates that alternatives are even more powerful, which I think is saying something when you put the comparison like this. (By contrast, Radagast's healing didn't have the same potency and synergy because taking damage was never really an issue for Eagles). Most likely though you use his resources to pay for other Ent cards (it's worth noting here that Ent Draught and Boomed and Trumpeted both have the Ent trait and so Treebeard can pay for them as well as for the allies).

So by that logic, in 4 rounds he'll recoup his own cost. Unless you have some form of resource generation or cost reduction to draw on, you can't play him until round 2 at the earliest, and running at a net loss until 5 rounds into the game doesn't sound like such a great deal, does it? This is the same reason Radagast isn't particularly well thought of. And if Treebeard's stats were as lacklustre as Radagast's then he might have been received in a similar fashion, but they're not. I'm pretty sure the only allies in the game who have more stats than Treebeard are Gandalf, Gandalf and Saruman. Ally Treebeard has one more stat point than his hero version, putting him on a par with hero Gandalf. The approximate rule of thumb for ally costing is that a lot of allies seem to cost half their sum of stats, by which logic ally Treebeard should cost 7 resources. OK, he enters play exhausted, but is that single round of not using him really equivalent to the value of 3 resources? I would say no, he's a ridiculously good deal, and then he generates his own resources to help you play more Ents, or ready them.

2 is decent, but it's the combat stats which really get you your money's worth here. 3 and 5 make Treebeard one of the solidest defensive allies in the game - it could even be argued the solidest, with the only reason he isn't used more in that capacity being that he also has 4 , which at the time of his release was completely unprecedented. Hero Beorn had 5, but he was rather a special case being immune to player card effects, and other than that no character, hero or ally, had a printed value higher than 3. Even now the only other is fellow Ent Skinbark. Treebeard, on top of being hilariously good value, was also breaking new ground in terms of ally power level - scratch that, character power level.

The final point of note is of course his readying ability, which I've hitherto mostly passed over. The best target for that readying is almost always Treebeard himself - and this is the final piece of the explanation for why Treebeard is a ridiculously good ally to have even without any other Ents. The only real exceptions are when Treebeard is already ready and you need more Ents up to attack together, or a Booming Ent when you've got a bunch of damage around, again for high purposes. Or, it should of course be noted that the ability does not specify an Ent that you control, just an Ent, so if your fellow players are also using Ents you can ready one of theirs, which may be helpful since Treebeard's many good qualities admittedly do not include a Ranged or Sentinel keyword. In general though, just have him ready himself whenever you need it - and when you don't just stack up those resources for later use if you don't have other Ent cards to pay for.

When last year PsychoRocka ran a Unique Ally Championship on the forums, Treebeard came second, having been the only really credible opposition to Arwen. Since then, we've seen the release of hero Arwen, and as a result the ally sees a lot less play and we've all gotten used to doing without her. With that in mind, I think a serious case could be made for Treebeard being now the best unique ally in the game. Ridiculous statline that puts most heroes to shame, resource generation in the right deck, (mostly self-)readying, and of course he's neutral and can thus go in literally any deck. Central to the functioning of an Ent deck, but still one of the best options for pretty much any other deck as well. However you may feel about the Arwen comparison, there are certainly very few allies that can even hold a candle to Treebeard.

Mostly notable for its interaction with Lure of Moria in dwarf barf decks, but any deck with leadership can also run three of this as a thinner - exhaust zero dwarves, draw a card for free. Now your deck is effectively 47 cards. Cheesy, but strategically sound.

Auto-include in a deck using hero Gandalf. I'd even suggest 3x despite it being unique. It's the most flexible resource generator in the game, not as stupidly fast as Steward of Gondor, but I still prefer it because you can choose who gets the resources. If you're digging for something or just good on money, drawing cards is never a bad thing. Don't forget that you can and should use it on your teammates, who might be looking for their own combo pieces or holding a Feint or A Test of Will that will save your asses. Finally, there's the oft-overlooked shadow discard option, which I don't think I've ever used, but it could be relevant in some do-or-die blocking situations.

Treebeard is awesome. In fact, he's way too good relative to other allies. His stats are superior to most heroes. If you can get 4 resources of any kind, and a turn's worth of breathing room to play him, he provides a massive swing in the player's favor. His most common role is attacker and archery soak, but he can do damn near anything. The TreeBux(tm) he produces tie into other ent cards, but you don't even need them - just have him ready himself, and now you have a Treebeard and a half per turn. Disgusting.