Dúnedain Hunter

Ally. Cost: 0. 1   3   1   3  

Dúnedain. Ranger.

Forced: After Dúnedain Hunter enters play, search the top 5 cards of the encounter deck for a non-unique enemy and put it into play engaged with you. If no enemy enters play by this effect, discard Dúnedain Hunter. Shuffle the encounter deck.

Louis Green

The Lost Realm #4. Tactics.

Dúnedain Hunter

This guy is great, and even moreso if you want to engage enemies to trigger your own effects. You can play him turn one and get a fourth resource from Mablung, instant action advantage via Halbarad, etc. It makes for some really fast starts if you hit a good enemy. It is possible you'll screw yourself and get ambushed by a troll or something, but with 5 cards to choose from, that should be rare - more often, you can get something annoying out of the way, like the various sniper enemies that you normally couldn't engage. There's plenty of enemies that have low attack but annoying revealed/in-staging effects, both of which the Hunter skips. If you have scrying, you can plan for these, or use him as a free reshuffle to avoid something that's coming up. Tons of utility, extremely solid attacker, fun to use.

Fantastic with the Hobbit archetype as well - controlling when Raise the Shire gets triggered, bonus card in planning, and bonus willpower for Sam. Also a great sideboard card for quests where you need to kill minimum number of enemies to progress - Journey in the Dark is the best one, — Mythik 202