When I first went over the core set player cards I immediately liked this one. After my first game I realized that if an enemy has only 2 HP, it's weak enough that you don't need to swift strike it. Add to that it's high cost and you shouldn't want to play this card unless you're running Thalin, Gondorian spearman, spear of the Citadel, etc.

Thicket of Spears is a highly under-rated card. It's caveat turns some players off, but it's never been an issue for me. In enemy heavy quests like helm's deep and Bo5A, this card works wonders. If you want to break the game, you could put this in a mono tactics Hama deck and quest with your other two heroes every round, not having to worry about enemies.

I've never found myself using Quick Strike, despite it's awesomeness. There was a lot of controversy over this an the subject of immune to player card effects enemies, but the confusion passed. Note that it's not restricted to enemies engaged with you, so Haldir, Legolas, Brand, Bard, Dunhere, or any good ranged attacker are great candidates for this. My personal favorite target is Gimli. Muah ha ha haha!

Rain of Arrows is should have been named rain. A resource, an exhaust, and a keyword restriction for just one damage per enemy for one player? Even Skyward Volley and Hail of Stones are better than this.

Blade Mastery is kind of meh. Way back when, it was alright, but now? Meh. T Boromir and Vigilant Dunadan are about the only cards I can think of that synergize with this, and even then; there are so many better options.