I was surprised to find that there have been no reviews on Arwen so far, as she seems to be a very popular - and powerful - hero. Well then, here we go.

You want some additional willpower? You need extra-resources every turn? You are looking for a reasonably cheap Spirit-hero without changing the rest of your deck? Enter the fair daughter of Elrond. With her 3 willpower she will probably concentrate on questing in most scenarios. Her combat-stats aren't spectacular, but if necessary she can block some smaller or medium-sized attacks as long as you can deal with unpredictable shadow-effects. Which shouldn't be a problem with Spirit (Hasty Stroke, Jubayr).

What really makes her shine, though, is her ability. Getting an additional resource every round from the beginning is more than helpful. Just think of all the good and expensive Spirit-allies (Northern Tracker, Elfhelm, Rhovanion Outrider) which tend to cost 3 or 4. Or remember how often you had to choose between playing a card or saving that one resource for A Test of Will. Why not enjoy the luxury of having both?

Note that she can give that resource to another (Noldor) character or to herself. She can even support her spouse Aragorn, but obviously she will often work with her father Elrond, who can pay for allies of any sphere.

Speaking of Noldor: in that archetype, discarding is no drawback but part of the fun. Think of Lords of the Eldar, The Evening Star or Glorfindel. The best card to complement her ability is, however, Elven-light, as you can switch between getting resources and cards just as the game-state requires.

Her only drawback is that you can't use the ally-version of her character (Arwen Undómiel). Apart from that, she seems to be one of the most versatile, straightforward and useful heroes in the game.

Finally, what I personally like about Arwen is that her mechanic somehow reflects the function of her character in the story of The Lord of the Rings, the book version, to be more precise. She is not the bold and active warrior-princess that is portrayed in the films. She's just that ever-present inspiration in the background for her people, her family and her Dunedain-love. Also consider the Tale of Tinúviel, ingame and story-wise.

There have probably have been no reviews because this card is SO good, that it reviews itself! —

This card is like safety wheels on kid's bike. Once you master the riding, you will put them away. It's same here, beside some very specific cases. It saved a lot of first games, then it stayed in hand and now it waits in box for my girlfriend. Very nice art. Verdict: 5/5.

Until the errata, caldara never took off these training wheels —

Na'asiyah is a highly interesting hero, probably even one of my favourite heroes in the whole game. Not only is her development (as presented in the Dreamchaser-cycle) one of the most creative and well-thought storylines so far. She also has some unique ingame-qualities, which make her not very easy to use, but surprisingly powerful in the right surrounding.

On the upside, Na'asiyah has very decent and well-balanced combat-stats, which come at a nicely underpriced threat-cost. With some additional equipment she can both become an excellent attacker and defender, but the greatest thing about her is her built-in ability. It means that you don't have to wait for certain key-cards or rely on some fancy combos. From the start, just by collecting resources she can become as powerful as required, even in response to dangerous shadow-effects, if necessary.

On the downside, she can't use her resources to pay for allies. Period. She works together with Dúnedain Hunter, but I recommend to either combine her with other tactics-heroes or put her in a deck that can cope without tactics-allies. Additionally, she doesn't battle-quest well, as her ability is limited to combat and only to one attack, not the whole phase. A workaround is the inclusion of Firefoot, which enables her to kill two enemies with one serious stroke (think of Crow + Troll on the Anduin or Corsair + Ship in the Sailing-quests).

Some more recommended cards/strategies/synergies:

Here are some of my decks with Na'asiyah:

Additionally, I just love the way how her game mechanics complement her background story. First, she is a (nasty!) enemy, then she becomes an ally and finally joins the ranks of heroes by abandoning the way of her evil master. Still, many people mistrust her, but life has made her tough, and she can definitely stand her own ground. What a warrior-lady she is!


I find that Faramir is a good hero, but great in the right deck. If he's in a deck full of powerful allies like a Harad deck, Ent deck, or Eagle deck then he's a beast. He lets you quest with that ally and free him up for the combat phase. All around great hero.

This is great card which is so flexible and cheap, that you will actually find usage for it in any deck you want. For me this one is nearly auto-include in any deck. You can bring back whatever card you want. Very powerfull and simple. Great artwork. Verdict. 5/5.