Song of Earendil is one of my favorite cards that I don't often put in decks. It only works in multiplayer, but boy does it work there, aside from the now impossible broken combo with Wandering Took. It should be mentioned that this card is not limited to once per round so you could trigger it every single time another player raises their threat for a combo with Loragorn. It's a song, so FWIW it triggers Love of Tales. It fits right into a Doomed deck, so if you bring spirit in one, bring this along for your buddies' benefit. This card is a very versatile glue card that should really see more play than it does. As a footnote, am I the only one who forgets to draw a card when I play it?

Rider of the Mark, at first glance, seems like a reliable way to waste spirit resources. He is however not a bad quester, has an extra hit point, and has built in shadow cancellation. If you don't quest with him and use his ability, he can swing for one to help kill that shadow-less enemy. One thing to note is that since the shadow card is discarded, you can get around effects like Smaug's and those pesky Wargs' that reference different things on the shadow card itself.

Hail of Stones was a card I was originally skeptical about. Once I realized that it effectively allows you to get rid of an enemy with the characters you would have used to attack it without letting it attack or contribute it's threat, It immediately found itself in quite a few decks of mine. Any effect that allows you to ignore enemy attacks is useful, especially with Hama or Book of Eldacar.

Looking at Rivendell Blade, a variety of restrictions stand out. The character must be Noldor or Silvan, the card is restricted, and the effect reduces defense, instead of directly boosting attack. However Rivendell Blade is still a very good card. You can attach it to any of those good Silvan attacking allies, while Elladan, Legolas, Haldir, and Mithlond Sea-Watcher are all good targets as well. The defense reduction is very nice and frankly, if the enemy has low enough defense to render the blade useless, it's probably puny enough to kill outright anyway. Very good card.

Lure of Moria is very straightforward and very powerful. Three resources in leadership is not at all hard to muster and "all Dwarf characters" can mean quite a lot. The broken combo with We Are not Idle is now non-existent thanks to the most recent FAQ, but Lure of Moria is still an amazing card. It will even ready Dain if for some reason he gets exhausted. The biggest flaw of this card is that the real Lure was a risk that led to many dwarven deaths (Dwarven Tomb, anyone?), while the card has no mechanical drawbacks whatsoever at all.