Not much to say - 3x if you're doing a dedicated eagle deck, otherwise forget it. You'll probably have somewhere between 10-15 eligible cards, meaning you'll get at least one most of the time. It also has the Eagle trait itself, so you can chain them.

Originally I didn't like Radagast's cunning at all. But when you think about it, you don't have to play it if you don't have a high threat enemy; and if you do, that's one resource for at least three willpower.

Lorien's wealth is pretty expensive, but three cards is undeniably good. I'm never happy when I have to play it because I usually don't have anymore resources to play the cards I draw. But in a Vilya deck, it's like Christmas.

Lore of Imladris is pretty reviled by the community and for good reason. It's expensive and inconsistent. However, in a Journey to Rhosgobel, it can make the quest infinitely easier. Besides, two for probably two or more healing isn't terrible, and if there's not much damage built up, it can sit in you're hand until you need it.