This here is an awesome card. Doomed 4 might look unattractive, but the explosive starts you can get from it more than make up for the downside. It's one of the best possible turn 1 plays in most cases, allowing you to get multiple allies/attachments out before the encounter deck has had a chance to do anything. It's quite possible you'll counter some of that threat in the quest phase with your instant army. Legacy of Numenor is especially good against the really brutal fast quests, where you were going to die before 50 threat anyway.

Erestor benefits from this quite a bit, as it's the fastest way to get resources for his huge opening hand. Aragorn is another logical hero, since he can entirely negate the downside. More generally, any deck that wants to go fast can run it, and if you're worried about threating out, just win faster. If you're playing multiplayer and your allies complain, tell them to win faster too.

Swingy ability, blah blah blah... Check out this dude's stats! Two resources for two attack is good in lore. You only get that kind of efficiency with Quickbeam, who everyone knows is OP and is an out-of-place 1x in almost all my decks... And Wandering Ent, who enters exhausted. So if you're looking to add some offense to your green deck, or already have your red resources tied up, this is a good candidate.

The ability's pretty good too, but you won't be able to trigger it reliably. A lot of quests have 3x of certain locations, though, so if you leave him out for awhile there's a decent chance of it lining up eventually. Could be extremely good in certain circumstances.

Also, much more reliable ability in a four-player game. —

Hobbits don't have very high stats, but look at it this way... There's no hero in the game that wouldn't be worth 1 resource if they were an ally. Putting this on a hero is somewhat like paying 1 for a slightly overstatted ally, plus the extra "abuse ceiling" if you were to start using attachments and tricks with them. Also notice that it isn't restricted. There's really no downside if you happen to be using hobbits and books.

That said, the best recipients are characters with exhaust abilities or decent attack - willpower only matters once per round typically, and hobbit blockers will quickly end up as chunky salsa. That basically implies Merry, in either his or variations. Merry is the only hobbit who can have a respectable base attack, plus you'd have access to Dagger of Westernesse already. Merry could quest for 2 without giving up his ability, plus he could reduce threat multiple times if shadow effects reveal extra cards (fairly common.) Frodo Baggins is another decent target for his 2 and safe block, but only once per round. In other cases so far, it's not too exciting until you get some combos together.

Tom Cotton can be a decent defender, and you could put it on Sam for an extra use of his boosted stats. —

Wondering took is my favourite chump, which I prefer to have in deck more then Guard of the Citadel for example. First of all he got 2 hitpoints and , he can synergies with Strength of Will and he is one of the few hobbits, which can actually have some use from Fast Hitch in Mirkwood cycle. I don't even talk about his ability since I play solo. But all of this makes him much more interesting and cheap ally, then most of the others. Nice positive artwork. Verdict: 5/5.


Horn of Gondor is very nice resource accelerator, which is getting even better for me with eagle deck and Prince Imrahil. Basically in every deck using leaving/coming mechanics, it works very well. i own only one core set, but in this case I'm glad its unique. Some things should stay limited. Artwork is very nice. Verdict: 5/5.

It's now very limited, in the sense it got errata'ed and now it just works with allies being destroyed, not just leaving play. —
oh, good to know —