Untroubled by Darkness is one of those cards that really only works in specific quests, but in those quests is a powerhouse. Global willpower boosts are always good, but the restriction of Dwarves and the "restriction" of Dark/Underground relegates this one to the binder most of the time. Quite a good sideboard card along with Ever my Heart Rises and ally Bombur.

Before the eratta: broken After the errata: probably still broken. Zigil Miner's ability is the driving force of some decks, a very powerful card in many, and a reasonable excuse to include him in almost all. I have however included him in decks for the sole purpose of being a good, cheap dwarf to quest with. Good archetypes to use with are: Caldara Dwarf Mining Mono-Spirit any deck with Imladris Stargazer (not really an archetype)

There isn't really much to say about Khazad, Khazad, but I suppose that's what I'm here to do. Anytime you can't put down a pesky troll (no, not an internet troll), play this and Gimli, smash! Durin's Song achieves much of the same, but hey, spheres are the spice of life and Tactics is pure red pepper flakes. I've had good fun using this to help Battle quest.

Dwarrowdelf Axe is one of my favorite weapons in the game. Despite the fact that it can only attach to a dwarf and is restricted, it does have a range of versatility in that dwarf allies are eligible for the axe. You can't pass up it's efficiency of one cost for what is effectively two attack. A must for any dwarf deck with Tactics.

Veteran of Nanduhirion is made almost completely obsolete by Erebor Battle-Master, as the latter fills the role of attacking ally much better than the veteran. However, in a vacuum, the Veteran is actually a pretty good ally. Four resources is a bit steep, but four attack with Dain is undeniably good. He can even pass for a defender, especially if you can heal up that damage.