This is an amazing card for battle quests. If you are going for an "archer deck," you definitely want at least one of these in it. I find it works best to have all three in my deck, but I am playing an extremely "Tactics" type deck. When you get all three of these in play and have Legolas as a hero, you are able to destroy any threat the other players playing, might face (thanks to Ranged). Three of these and Legolas combine to make a sweet combat deck but you can't forget its brother, the Woodland Courier. This allows for great questing, combat, and an overall elf themed deck.

Besides the awesome combat sided characteristics, the skill is not shabby, but it will not work very well on bosses like the witch king, that cannot be affected by player card effects.

Thank you FFG

Celebrian's Stone is a pretty good card. Two for two is fair and considering favor of the lady and dunedain quest, pretty solid. The quest, Faramir and the Sword that was Broken also give willpower in leadership regardless of trait, but they are are either to different to compare or to weak. Throw in the icon and you've got a good card!

I underestimated valiant sacrifice originally, but it's actually pretty good. It's fairly cheap, and allies leave play fairly often. Campfire Tales, Erestor, and We are not Idle are the only other leadership card draw sources that aren't trait specific and valiant sacrifice holds it's own.

For Gondor was the earliest Gondor synergy we got. Which is funny, because it's attack boost is much more powerful. Not to say the defence boost isn't, especially in a four player game, where you're paying two resources for fifteen some odd stats.

Common cause originally seemed pretty good to me. Nowadays I rarely include it, if ever, in my decks. I would just put in more of whatever stat the hero you're readying is good at. It is, however, pretty solid in multiplayer.