Let's try to ignore the fact, that Frodo's ability is awesome, simply because it set us free from fear in questing, and let's take look on his other qualities. For very nice 7 threat, you get very good stats, which makes him quite good quester and defender. With Fast Hitch he can do both. There are lot of boosts in sphere (Fireside Song, ...), so there is lot ways to boost him even more, and when it comes to , Hobbit Cloak can make it better. In his specific case is not really important how many HP he's got, but when you don't want to use his ability all the time, one pair of Boots from Erebor would suit him well. As every hobbit, when you'll feed him well with Good Meal, he will offer some pretty nice discounts on event cards as Light the Beacons, Fortune or Fate, O Elbereth! Gilthonial!, Out of Sight, The Galadhrim's Greeting or very nice Stand and Fight which basically allows you to bring to the game from discard pile any ally from any sphere for 2 less then it's the real cost and you don't have to be in secrecy. He also works very well with Song of Mocking. His ability allows him to absorb damage from basically anything in the game and so his only weakness (or yours when you'll play him) is threat management. Luckily sphere is a specialist for threat management. Beside those events mentioned above, there are several cards which helps you to manage that, like Hobbit Pipe with Smoke Rings, Elfhelm and maybe even better cards for multiplayer: Wandering Took, Song of Eärendil and so on. So Frodo Baggins is really great hero, which is very well designed, even from thematic point of view. The artwork is great. Verdict: 5/5.


A cool concept for a trap, but too expensive in my opinion. It can be compared to Hands Upon the Bow, which also lets you make a one-time attack into the staging area, but with several differences: Ambush allows multiple attackers and is not restricted to a ranged character, but also suffers from three severe drawbacks:

1) You have little control over which enemy Ambush is attached to (always a challenge with traps), whereas you can target specific enemies with Hands Upon the Bow to make sure you can actually eliminate them with that one attack (otherwise attacking into the staging area is somewhat pointless).

2) Ambush results in a Combat action, whereas Hands Upon the Bow can be played before quest resolution and can therefore even help with questing.

3) Ambush costs 2 resources, whereas Hands Upon the Bow only costs 1.

Of course there are some further subtleties to consider, but as it is I would only consider Ambush in decks with Damrod. And even at the reduced cost and with one extra card drawn it is not clear to me that Ambush would be favorable over Hands Upon the Bow. As a house rule, I would reduce its cost to 1 and/or add some defense reduction to make the card more attractive.

In deck "the-song-of-rebirth" (https://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/2452/the-song-of-rebirth-1.0 ),the builder use Warden of Annúminas just for its 2 attack. So it's hard to find ally with high attack. So Rider of Rohan is perfect for mono spirit deck:they can quest or attack and can do both with a small limit. spirit side quest is not bad,I'd like to add them to my deck.Totally worth it.

But if my deck don't have other attacker or defender, Rider of Rohan is more like a 3 cost 2 willpower, I'd like to use Galadriel's Handmaiden or some thing else rather than this ally.


On first glance this ally doesn't quite cut it at 3 cost. However pair him with his in trait king Théoden and Thurindir for access to lore without Doomed in Rohan and suddenly he looks rather playable. Questing is one of the traits specialities and for a small price this guy can provide massive action advantage. He's in the right sphere and has the Scout trait which can mean something these days. I'd be hard pressed to leave home without him in most Rohan decks. A solid card.


Well I actually think, that this is one of the few expensive cards from the core set, which got effect worth to pay the price. Not so often in solo, but sure in fellowship and definitely in multiplayer game. Especially after defense part of the fight phase, this card is truly epic and in heavy enemy quest it can do miracles. Even I feel epic when I play it and my friends are glad that I put it in my deck. And it's not so hard to pay for it in sphere, which is quite rich on resources, but there are several ways how to make this card cheaper. First one which pops on my mind is Good Meal in combination with Song of Kings if hobbit hero is in different sphere, then you have Vilya with Imladris Stargazer combination and there is plenty more, I think. But that's not the point, point is that this card is in my opinion well designed and if it would be cheaper, it would brake the game balance. Very well done dark artwork. Verdict: 5/5.