Silvan Refugee

Ally. Cost: 1. 2   0   0   1  

Silvan. Scout.

This card was errata'd

Forced: After a character leaves play, discard Silvan Refugee from play.

"The Elves have their own labours and their own sorrows..."
Gildor, The Fellowship of the Ring
Lorraine Schleter

The Drúadan Forest #37. Spirit.

Silvan Refugee

This card is actually quite solid in the right deck. Don't be fooled by the Silvan trait, this is not a card for a Silvan deck as those specifically rely on characters coming and going into play. The deck/fellowship this is good for are those that rely on a strong defender or two, probably with sentinel, readying, and healing, to ensure that characters rarely die. The in sphere Beregond comes to mind, as do combos like Derndingle Warrior + Warden of Healing.

I like that Silvan Refugee doesn’t work like the other Silvan cards. It is like they lost their heritage/lands and are seeking stability instead. — Nystrum 39
I think this card could definitely work in a Silvan deck. 1 mama for 3 willpower assuming Celeborn, target for Tree People or Feigned Voices before enemy attacks. now if there's a direct damage treachery though, definitely don't bring this guy. — frozen 170
I like to throw one of these into my bouncing Silvan deck as a pseudo-second Galion. The Refugee works quite well for The Tree People as well as Feigned Voices. — ironwill212 665