Erestor is one of my favorite allies, and a good one too. Four resources in leadership shouldn't be hard to stomach, and Erestor fills one of his home sphere's weaknesses: card draw. Suddenly, all of those dead copies of Steward, Stone, StwB, or whatever are accelerating your hand; all while you're getting an extra two willpower and a sizable hit-point pool. Elven Light and Galdor ally add to the madness.

Resourceful is probably the best example of what secrecy could have been. An extremely versatile card that is bonkers good in secrecy, and relatively playable if not. Sadly, most secrecy cards are only worth it while you're under that ever-important twenty threat threshold. Still, an extra resource a round is undeniably good, so if you're planning to run the long game; Resourceful might be worth the deck space.

Legacy of Durin is a card that I think is overpowered, but not broken enough to receive an errata. For one lore resource, you should be drawing at least one card from this per round in the right deck. At least you don't get a card whenever you put a dwarf into play, or Legacy would be heading down the limit once per round express. This is a very powerful card and a staple for Dwarf decks.

Short Cut has the potential to be a very powerful card, but the reliability that a location would pop up that you want to say no to is rare. There are a couple silver bullet locations that completely take apart some decks or are in general just terrible, so running this just for insurance might be helpful. Cancelling an entire card is a powerful effect, and few cards do it, so if you're bringing Hobbits to a multiplayer game, consider Short Cut.

Elrond's Counsel is one of the best threat reduction effects in the game. It costs zero and the little willpower boost is always helpful. The fact that you must control a unique Noldor character can be a slight problem, but the pure efficiency of Elrond's Counsel more than makes up for the extra deck construction.