Lorien guide is highly over costed. Three cost for one willpower and one progress is not a good deal. With O Loriens's discount, however, he (she?) becomes completely playable. He's a Silvan, so he also comes with all shenanaginry of that trait. Sadly, that still doesn't give enough purchase to play them. There are just to many other better location control allies.

Ah, Horn of Gondor. You've seen better days. This was an amazing resource accelerator second only to Steward of Gondor. And then Seastan broke the game again with another infinite loop (which is all well and good). The designers could have simply given Emery or Rallying Cry an errata and the Horn would still be great. Oh, well. Rest in peace Horn of Gondor. You have joined your bearer.

Dwarven Axe has lost it's shine. In the early life of the game, it was one of few attack boosting attachments, and even then you had dunedain mark, which is not restricted. Now there are so many other cards that get the job done better. Still, though; two for two on a Dwarf is a fair deal.

Citadel Plate is kind of expensive, but it's effect is unequaled. It's one of only 11 HP boosting player cards and the only one that does not require a specific trait or something like that. Granted, it's restricted and that limits it's use, but seriously? Four HP? yes please!

Blade of Gondolin is a favorite of mine. It's attack boost is situational, but for one cost it shouldn't matter much. It is restricted, but that is a minimal downside, considering that using it opens up use of sterner than steel and Foe-Hammer. The main reason to use this , however, is the Blade's response. Keep in mind that since it is in fact a response, not a forced effect, you could choose not to trigger it if you want to stall. Good card!