(its interesting: finding 200 words to describe the Dunedain Warning isn't easy.) no one would question its inclusion in a mono leadership deck, also good for multiplayer. 4 stars in the Dunedain sky.

Warning is solid attachment card, very useful, mainly while using a heroes with lower value. I usually use two copies in deck, which is good enough to boost one defender. I also use moving action with this card much often then in the case of Dunedain Mark. Only the artwork could be a little bit better. Verdict: 4/5.


Basically an auto include in hobbit decks with all hobbit heroes(which are most of them) because the Good Bartender covers a very useful ability for the little guys. His ability allows the squishy hobbits not to worry so much because with him in play, they have a back up plan. Losing a hero could devastate a deck that you are playing as they provide resources each round, their stats, and their useful abilities. So keeping a hero alive is very important in a deck, and Barliman Butterbur provides the support we need for the hobbit decks.

His ability is similar to Dori and Frodo Baggins in that he can absorb damage. One good thing about his ability is that it doesn't require you to exhaust him to use the ability because it is passive which let's you commit to the quest.

Although, one thing to consider is that his ability ONLY works if all of your heroes are hobbits, which limits your options a bit. It would be a lot better if the requirement was that it only worked for hobbit heroes which would allow us to include it other decks containing a hobbit hero such as Frodo Baggins. But...most of the time, hobbit heroes only appear in full hobbit decks anyways.

Now, let's look at his stats. 1 is good considering his function is to soak damage, 1 could allow you to take a attack with him if you didn't want to go undefended, but the 3 is great. It is a good amount of , considering we only paid two resources for him. The health is a good amount because the hobbit heroes only have 2 or 3 health anyways so you might survive. I'm not 100% sure if this is how it works but if I take an undefended attack with Merry(who only has 2) and the enemy has 3 and I put the damage on Barliman Butterbur, would he take 2 damage or 3? Merry's max is a 2 so how would that work? Anyways, the stats all add up to five which is right on point on what the proper price would be for a 2 cost ally.

One bummer about him though is that he doesn't have the hobbit trait, but rather the bree trait. This means Tom Cotton's extra won't affect him, Raise the Shire can't bring him in for a phase, and Elevenses can't use him to reduce our threat.

All in all, I you are gonna build a hobbit deck I wouldn't overlook this guy as, like with hobbits, there is more to him than there seems to be.

I was SO glad to see good ol' Bill appear in my favourite game, I almost cried. I always thought that he was very amusing in the book and he was always a bit of a beloved character. It is so nice to see that he is actually good and functions very well with his hobbit brosky and the rest of the hobbits.

Looking at the stats themselves, 1, 1 and 2 lines up exactly to what an ally that costs two resources should add up to. It would have been nicer to have the point in as an extra , but...you can't have everything. So, looking at the stats to resource spent ratio, I would consider them to be a fairly decent deal.

And then you look at the abilities of the pony, and you realize that he has a whicked set of them. For starters, built into his card is a way to get him into play for cheaper than usual. The trigger to get him in easier works only for Sam Gamgee, but not only the hero but also the ally Sam Gamgee. This leaves you with many options for decks as the decks could have the hero Frodo Baggins, which in turn gives the ally Sam Gamgee in easier which lets Bill the Pony enter play for free. The fact that Sam almost always appears in the hobbit archetype deck is very thematic and synergizes well with Sam.

His primary ability is perfect for hobbits as they notoriously have a very low amount of and they tend to squishy lads which is why Bill works so well with them. It helps them defend, if they need to in an emergency, and soak up archery and treachery damage. The health buff also doesn't only limit to hobbits you control, but also applies to other players at the table. This can encourage two or more players to play hobbit decks, which is what I have done frequently.

The fact that you can play attachments on Bill doesn't affect much because I rarely play attachments on allies anyway(unless in a Dale deck) and I'm not sure why I would want to play it on the pony anyways.

This is a card that works well in almost any deck, well... except attachment heavy or ally heavy decks. Most decks will have a mostly equal amount of allies, attachments, and events so chances are you'll be triggering his ability at least once every couple of rounds.

I think the cost is very much worth the ally. Even just for the 2 itself, three cost is not bad. Also, the fact that it is a neutral card is great because it is not limited to any one sphere of deck, but can be paid with any resource. That helps weaker questing decks a lot as it gives them a reliable quester.

Now the ability is what really makes this ally shine. The ability to draw cards outside of is incredible considering it can be difficult to find some in , , and , at time. True, the ability gives a doomed 1, but then you have the whole Gríma dilemma if you have a problem with that. You could also combo it with Keys of Orthanc, to provide resources. That would cover a lot of the problems in any deck. This card smoothes over two major problems in some decks, card draw and .

A great card that I have had a lot of success with, even in multiplayer.