Gather Information

Player Side Quest. Cost: 0. Quest Points: 4. Victory 1.

Limit 1 per deck.

Response: After this stage is defeated, each player may search his deck for 1 card and add it to his hand. Each player shuffles his deck.

Aragorn halted and examined the tracks closely. The Tower Towers

The Lost Realm #14. Neutral.

Gather Information

Once again I am baffled that no one had still reviewed this card. Besides use in a Thurindir deck it can still be pretty useful, even as 51th card, in many deck. It can be especially fun in a 3-4 players Fellowship where, besides letting the other players found useful card, it can be used by a second player to grab his own copy of Gather Information to start to cycle again. 0 cost and only 4 progress makes it quite easy to play and fulfill but of course there are many quests where using side quests it's really hard. In other quests instead they can give you ways to stall and setup your board more easily and in those cases this is still one of the best choices at high player counts.