A great alternative to Northern Tracker, I might even say slightly better in solo/2 player games. In a solo game, you'll have about 2 locations on average in the staging area (any more and you're in a lot of trouble). So the Outrider starts to give you a return of 3 willpower equivalent per turn, while Northern Tracker does about the same but a turn later. Another advantage over his dunedain counterpart is you will get rid of a location in the staging area a turn earlier. Combos well with Scouting Party.

With the Wilds of Rhovanion just around the corner, th Dale trait will likely see some love, making this guy even better.

This guy is just plain excellent if you have any number of Ents at all. In a full-Ent deck, he becomes amazing, and one you need in play ASAP. He is costly and slow, but questing for 3 and a passive healing ability really helps with questing in Lore or Lore/Tactics decks where questing is weaker. Amd hes nit a bad defender or attacker if need be. I always have x3 in any deck with Ents that uses Lore. Plus, it was just funny when one of these guys comandeered the Corsair Skirmisher in the Storm on Cobas Haven. Awesome.

If you thought sticking Steward of Gondor onto Folco Boffin made no sense, wait til you try to put your head around this card! Seriously this card is just plain weird. The theme makes no sense and the situation required is so restrictive....I just don't get it. At least with Steward of Gondor you get a card that is opaf out of it. But this card isnt op. Its not even af. It is just useless. There are many other ways to shuffle the encounter deck that are better and more thematic.

I found this card to be useful in the first quest of the hobbit box, it keeps the game going so you can get the treasures. It's just a very very situational card —

I refuse to play this card. No, I don't wish for it to be nerfed--there are too many people who like it. And why wouldn't they? It's OPAF. It's a rare misstep in an otherwise fantastic and (fairly) well balanced game. But no, I just won't use it myself. It is certainly way too powerful, but that's not the main reason. The main reason is theme. It's just goofy. Yay, Treebeard is now the Steward of Gondor and gets the Gondor trait! What, what?? No, I just can't bring myself to do it, with one exception: I'm playing Denethor. Then I will play it, but only because he is, in fact, the Steward of Gondor.

I sometimes house rule that the attached hero must be a noble. —
I like that! —
I've heard about the houserule that Steward requires the Gondor trait instead of giving it. —
This card should have required the Gondor trait and given its bearer the leadership sphere instead. Then there would have been a useful and thematic reason to choose to put it on Denethor. Well, now there is a leadership Denethor anyway. But it would have been ideal for core set Denethor. In the core set alone, it would have given him access to his son Faramir, not to mention For Gondor. —
Nice names, by the way, The Name was Taken and Ear a corn! —

Rossiel is one of my favorite characters. Her ability is so unique, plus my favorite sphere, and she gets super powerful around mid-game, to downright stupid at end game. Combine her with Out of the Wild to make her stronger quickly, and of course all the other victory display cards have the chance to beef her up even more. She combines nicely also with Cloak of Lórien, Ent Draught, and/or Elven Mail (in multiplay) to make her a top-notch defender. Having a possible 4 is darn handy too. She mainly needs help with attacking, so I like to pair her with Ent heroes or with Haldir of Lórien, but many combos are possible.

The great and powerful Seastan observes that Rossiel is somewhat inconsistent in terms of which scenario you are playing, pointing out that in some scenarios where there are only a few traits among enemies and locations, she is better than in scenarios where there are a variety of traits. Having a variety of traits means she wont always get her stat buff as consistently. This is of course true, however, with great respect, I'd like to offer one additional observation. I don't think this is as much of a drawback as you initially might think, and this is because normally you can only either quest or defend, but not both. If the traits are more varied, then it's easy enough to shift gears and have (say) Rossiel quest while another hero defends this turn, then switch on the next turn, basing your decision on which traits are in the victory display. With a small number of traits, Rossiel gets the bonus either way, but since she can't do both at the same time, it's not as big of an advantage. Naturally you can mitigate this with Unexpected Courage or some such, in which case she because super-strong. But most of my decks don't have much in the way of readying (but they have other virtues...), and so consistency isn't as much of a problem for my decks with Rossiel.