Renewed Friendship is an interesting concept and one that I quite like. It really encourages cooperation between players (read: sharing Steward of Gondor) and synchronized decks. The effect is somewhat lackluster, however. The readying is somewhat useless, since you play attachments in the planning phase; when heroes are usually ready. The card or the threat reduction are certainly useful, but not to big of a deal. I think if the readying had been changed to resource gen. or the other two effects had been upscaled, Renewed Frienship would be a much better card. As is, I think it is still an okay card; especially in fellowships with attachments intended to be played cross-table.

Bofur is a good ally with a very clutch ability. Three resources for two willpower isn't bad, especially with a whopping three health. He's even better in a dwarf deck, but still stellar outside of one. His ability comes in very handy in the early rounds of the game where you're more likely to quest unsuccessfully and need the cheap willpower. He could just be used as a sneak attack whenever you happen to need a spot more willpower. For that reason I think he's a good candidate for almost every deck with spirit. of course there is a tactics Bofur ally, which could provide uniqueness conflicts in multiplayer, but I think that detracts nothing from this one's power.

Unseen Strike is a very good card. It's one of the best ways for a low threat/staging area attack deck to mow through those bigger enemies. The threat/engagement cost stipulation is quite insignificant in the right decks. I have even included this card in moderate to high threat decks, because often the biggest enemies in quests have very high engagement costs.

Timely Aid is one of the best secrecy cards in the game, and my favorite. Outside of secrecy it could be very marginally useful, but who am I kidding, this is a secrecy card. The ability to bring in a huge ally turn one, with two heroes more likely than not; is really what a secrecy deck needs to be successful. Pair with Vilya for shenanigans.

Ancestral Knowledge, along with Untroubled by Darkness is really only useful in certain quests with certain decks. Pretty much summed up in my review of that card. You could possibly consider this card if you're running dwarves in a quest with lots of underground or dark locations.