Vassal of the Windlord

Ally. Cost: 1. 0   3   0   1  

Creature. Eagle.

Ranged.Vassal of the Windlord cannot have restricted attachments.

Forced: After an attack in which Vassal of the Windlord attacked resolves, discard Vassal of the Windlord from play.

Anna Christenson

The Dead Marshes #98. Tactics.

Vassal of the Windlord

As the only 1-cost Eagle, this is highly desirable for expensive Eagle decks. It's not half bad outside of them either - as a matter of fact, the only other 1-cost ally in all of Tactics is Knights of the Swan, who's useless on his own. Vassal is a nice damage spike/potential chump blocker for little investment, in a sphere that tends to lack money. Also a good target for Support of the Eagles when you don't have time to build up an Eagles of the Misty Mountains.

Not a ton to add that others haven't said, just one big thing. And I think most people know this by now, but these guys are like a cheat code for a scenario with Battle questing. 1 resource for 3 attack is amazing in and of itself, but the extra benefit is the fact that you ignore his forced effect since he's questing instead of attacking.

Same goes for Winged Guardian and siege questing. If you're struggling with Into Ithilien or Cair Andros, look no further.

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