Vassal of the Windlord

Ally. Cost: 1. 0   3   0   1  

Creature. Eagle.

Ranged.Vassal of the Windlord cannot have restricted attachments.

Forced: After an attack in which Vassal of the Windlord attacked resolves, discard Vassal of the Windlord from play.

Anna Christenson

The Dead Marshes #98. Tactics.

Vassal of the Windlord

As the only 1-cost Eagle, this is highly desirable for expensive Eagle decks. It's not half bad outside of them either - as a matter of fact, the only other 1-cost ally in all of Tactics is Knights of the Swan, who's useless on his own. Vassal is a nice damage spike/potential chump blocker for little investment, in a sphere that tends to lack money. Also a good target for Support of the Eagles when you don't have time to build up an Eagles of the Misty Mountains.