Support of the Eagles

Attachment. Cost: 3.


Attach to a hero.

Action: Exhaust Support of the Eagles to choose an Eagle ally. Until the end of the phase, attached hero adds that ally's or (choose 1) to its own.

"I would bear you, whither you will, even were you made of stone." Gwaihir, The Return of the King
Ilich Henriquez

Return to Mirkwood #120. Tactics.

Support of the Eagles

Support of the Eagles is a powerful, neat card. At face value, it's a big boost to one of your heroes for pretty much the whole game. Dig a little deeper and you realize that with readying effects, it's bordering on OP. You've found a way to make Boromir a superhero without breaking the game. It's also a good way to keep hold of your Winged Guardians or Vassals if the Windlord without losing them. Along with a pumped up EotMM, I wouldn't want to be an enemy.