This actually reads "Attach to Redwater Sentry or Guardian of Esgaroth."

Jokes aside, This is solid even at full cost and fits right at home with anyone that has Sentinel like Beregond. The fact it isn't restricted is what makes this card a power play and if you are the kind of person who likes to take damage for your team. This card is your poison. A worthy include in most decks with access to leadership.


This guy is subtle. At first glance he doesn't seem that good. But he actually fits right at home in most Dale decks. He gets your attachments where they need to be and that alone is worth looking at. You can use him to move attachments from your allies to Brand son of Bain for a further reduction with King of Dale. So you can play more on Dale characters without attachments to trigger Brand son of Bain and his draw. Or in multiplayer I've used him to pass cards like Magic Ring to my other members of my fellowship. Now, I never leave home without him in my Dale decks.


A Elbereth Gilthoniel is another one of those cards that is horrendous at full cost, and awesome in secrecy. Many eligible decks don’t even use it in secrecy, because the threat setting is so counter-productive to the secrecy deck. However, when you think about it, it’s really not that bad. If the enemy is engaged with you, it’s engagement cost is probably lower than your threat; because if it wasn’t; you would leave it in the staging area. So basically, this card kills an enemy for free in a secrecy deck. Provided you can weather one attack from it of course. Try it out next time you play a secrecy deck!

Hands upon the Bow sees a good deal less use than I think it should.

Its drawbacks are rather small. You must have a Ranged character to activate it, but there are lot's of good Tactics Ranged heroes to take advantage of this card. Also, you can only attack against enemies in the staging area, but most enemies will give you chance to ping them before they engage you.

On the other hand, HutB is quite easy to use. Since it's in the Tactics sphere, it's easy to get your target to a high level of attack; especially with the cherry-on-top built-in attack boost. It only costs one resource, which is a low price to pay for what is essentially a Feint with a willpower boost. You can't tell me that's not good.

The ability to outright nuke an enemy in this manner and with such ease is just golden. The satisfying feeling you get from playing this card is second to none (okay, except maybe the Door is Closed), and the art is just icing on the cake.

We Are not Idle was quite popular until it was errata'd, when it practically vanished. I'd like t point out that it is still a great card, errata or no.

Let's take a look a pre-errata WanI. You could play it early to get that early game boost, something that Dwarf decks could really use. Late game, you could play it with Lure of Moria to create a broken combo; adding ten+ resources to a hero (and drawing a card). Awesome, right? Right. Too awesome. So when you are not Idle and are Lured to Moria by Atanantar's Tome after eating Second Breakfast, an infinite combo loop is created; allowing you win nearly any quest on turn one. This lead to the fist of errata crashing down on this card.

Now, should this card have gotten the cold shoulder instead of any of the other cards? Could it have just been given a limit on the number of Dwarves you exhaust instead of switching to heroes. Maybe. Either of those would have saved the card's power, but that's not the point. Let's not get to carried away with what-ifs, and focus on how useful the card still is.

You can of course, include it four the sole purpose of thinning your deck, something I find myself doing often. The real strength of this card comes from the ability to boost your first round with an extra card and a resource or two. The cost of a hero's action isn't quite so bad when you're playing something out of the deal. Perhaps an ally to fill the void of the hero you exhausted. Maybe a failsafe in Durin's Song or Sneak Attack. Or what if you just need one more resource to play that Steward of Gondor to kickstart your engine. Of course, this card is nowhere near is powerful know that you exhaust hero's instead of allies. Of course, the infinite combo still works if you add Sword Thain. That's not a problem! Well, the latter certainly is, and the former is unfortunate, but the point is, we can still enjoy this beauty for what it is.