Dunedain Wanderer summed up: Out of secrecy? Terrible. In secrecy? Not so bad. Think about it. Two leadership resources for a two, two, two ranged/sentinel. Pretty good am I right? Then comes the question of whether or not secrecy in leadership is even plausible. I think it is. You put Denethor and Sam in for heroes, all the secrecy stuff from leadership and neutral, Sword that was Broken, and a regular ally swarm. Completely doable. I think there's some use for you yet, my deer hunting friend.

Elladan, along with his brother Elrohir, is somewhat despised by most players because for one to work, you need the other in the same deck; severely limiting the options. One of their best uses is in a fellowship with the twins in different decks, but that brings up the problem that they're not Ranged and Sentinel. I do think the brothers can be very powerful if you can work them in, especially once you build up their resource pools a bit. One thing of note is that with the new ally versions in MoF, there are now new interesting combinations for the elven twins.

Sometimes we all just want to sit down and have a Good Meal. Others just want a full three copies in their decks. In all honesty Good Meal deserves those three spots. A one-off two resources in neutral is pretty good, as long as you can work around the trait restriction. My favorite use is in a Hobbit Pipe deck where you use this to pay for Galadthrim's Greetings and Smoke Rings. I think any deck with a Hobbit hero should have a couple copies of this card.

Needful to Know is one of the few secrecy cards that could plausibly be used out of secrecy. Free scrying and threat reduction (to stay in secrecy longer) is very good, but even outside of secrecy; if you're running other scrying effects, this could be used to great effect coughgladdenmarshlandscough. Just off the pop, two resources for a quick scry and a bit of threat still isn't bad.

Ravenhill Scout is one of those cards that has a subtle effect that can often be useful, but is to expensive to maintain. A whopping three resources in Lore for an ability that is not immediately progressive is not a good deal. Granted, the scout could pass as an attacker or defender, but you're really just going to be using him for his ability. Otherwise, why include him? He could fit into a scout deck, but I think his only hope is in the new Dale stuff for the upcoming cycle.