Fast Hitch is a very good card. An Unexpected Courage for one resource is bonkers, but then Hobbits were never really worth those extra actions; unless your running a super Bilbo or Sam deck. The recent influx of Hobbit cards in the Mountain of Fire has made this even more useful. Another point is that it attaches to a character not just to heroes.

Whoops, I don't know what that was. Sorry! —
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Sorry, but your mistaken. The Hobbits, need that extra actions. Sam or Frodo to Quest and Defend, Merry to Attack, or Reduce Threat. —
What I mean, is that without their attachments, Hobbits won't get much use out of readying; due to their low stats. However, even without Hobbits pumped up, Fast Hitch is still apowerful card. —

Silvan Tracker is not as good as it could have been. It's statline isn't very good for it's cost and it's ability is limited by the fact that you don't want Silvan elves taking damage in the first place. Now, granted, if you can get one to survive an attack or two, then you really want this up and running. With multiple copies out, they could defend and then heal each other. A better option would be Galadhrim Healer. Of course, just for fun, you could get extra healing out of this by exhausting a hero for Captain's Wisdom say; and ready it again with Heir of Mardil or something like that!

The Silvan Tracker's Response only applies during the Refresh phase, so it doesn't do anything with your suggested Captain's Wisdom/Heir of Mardil combo. —
Whoops! I didn't realize Captain's Wisdom was a resource action. Thanks for the heads-up! —

We do not Sleep is a terrible card. Grim Resolve, for example, costs the same amount of resources, but affects every character on the board. Add to that, the fact that with Grim Resolve, you could use characters to participate in combat twice, or once and then trigger an ability that requires exhaustion. Outside of some Mutual Accord shenanigans, this really just won't work.

Song of Mocking is a rather underrated card. Mostly because it's not really doing anything for you, just making sure the right characters don't die. It definitely has it's uses though. Take an undefended attack and having a shadow failsafe. Pump up Gimli or booming ents. I'm sure there are many more. Of course, most decks could run Vigilant Guard instead, which if I'm correct, works on hero Beorn.

Dunedain Cache, while one of the only reliable ways to make a character ranged, is overcosted. It is however the only way to make a character ranged without a trait requirement etc. That said, if you really want to make a certain character ranged, two resources is probably worth it.