I don't like this card. There aren't any great elven defenders, and the ones that are half-decent need a boost to defense not health or sentinel.

There are only 3 half decent elven defenders. Elrond with 3 defense, Rossiel with the potential to have 4, and Elrohir who can get 4 easily if you include his brother. Four defense doesn't seem bad sometimes, but so many quests now-a-days have enemies with 6+ attack. Since the elves don't have access to any good defense boosting cards, I was really hoping this card would offer some sort of help in that regards. Sure there is Cloak of Lorien but you can't count on the 2 defense. There is also Protector of Lorien, but that isn't very sustainable unless you are playing deck dedicated to discarding. You also have Gondorian Shield and Dunedian Warning, but you'd need to attach two cards just to get you to 6 defense and then Elven Mail would be a third card you need.

I would say that Elven Mail is actually a great card for Elrohir. I gives him sentinel so he can tank the entire table with his Steward of Gondor/Gondorian Shield combo. I should also point out that while it's true, there aren't many good elven defenders, elves have access to quite a lot of healing; which benefits from larger health pools. Guardian of Rivendell is also a good target for this card. —

I really like this card, and I think it is quite good. When tactics Beregond and this card first came out I played them all the time. My goal was to always have a Gondorian Shield and a Spear of the Citadel on Beregond. In my opinion that is the best combination of restricted attachments to play on tactics Beregond.

The best thing about this card is that if you are defending against an enemy with only 1 hitpoint left, you kill him before he deals damage or reveals his shadow card. And even if you don't kill the enemy it just makes it that much easier to kill during the attack phase. And what's more, if you can't kill the enemy during the attack phase you can just continue to block the same enemy until he dies from the spear.

There is no doubt the spear has good qualities. It allows you to kill enemies without ever attacking them. It pairs great with Gondorian Shield, and direct damage cards. But what are the down sides of playing this card?

Well first off, it has to be played on a tactics character. There are only about 5 decent tactics defenders and Beregond is by far the best. Your other options are going to be Tom Cotton, Boromir, Dori, and Gimli. With the exception of Tom, each of the other options only have 2 defense. And while Tom does have 3 defense, he has the lowest amount of hitpoints in the group. The spear would certainly work with any of these other hero options, but the problem becomes the number of attachment cards required to make the hero a solid defender.

The spear can be attached to an ally character, but I've never liked using attachments on allies because they are far more fragile. Even if you do choose to attach it to an ally you've only got about a 6 decent options: Beorn, Defender of Rammus, Déorwine, Boromir, Gondorian Spearman, and Longbeard Sentry.

In conclusion, my opinion is that Spear of the Citadel is a great card for Beregond. Outside of Beregond it has limited, if any use.

I'd like to like this card, but I'm hard-pressed to find good use for him. A cost of 2 for 2 is usually a good deal, but only if it's going to stick around more than a turn or two. I swear, Brandybucks can be more unreliable than those damn fool Tooks.

You can only put him out for free after exploring the previous active location (unless there wasn't one), so chances are your overall Willpower isn't hurting. So then you travel to a new location and play this card for free. That's an extra 2 for questing NEXT turn, which might allow some other character to fight instead of questing. But if you use that extra Willpower to explore the active location next turn, you'll also lose your extra Willpower to the bottom of your deck. If you're planning to stay at a given location for a while, this may be helpful, but that's usually not a good idea unless you have some form of location control up your sleeve or you're taking advantage of Path of Need.

Conceivably, you could use him to get extra threat reduction from Elevenses, pulling just enough Hobbits from questing to avoid exploring the active location, but again, this assumes staking out a location for multiple turns.

I have found two good uses for him. One, as an emergency chump blocker; and two, in a Tom Cotton deck as an attacker. —
I think you need to re read this card effect. You can put him into play for free when you travel to a location....pretty easy requirement. He is 2 free willpower for the cost of traveling to a location, and is bonus points if it's a big location that takes more than 1 turn to explore. —
Right, so realizing a huge enemy is about to engage you later, you travel to a location so you can put him into play to take the hit. —

Healing Herbs is an option for healing that is often overlooked. It costs zero, which is a big plus in Lore and you can retrieve it with Erebor Hammersmith. It does have the constraints of exhausting a hero and it only heals one chararcter, but the table will often have an uber-defender like Beregond or Elrohir that needs to stay healthy. Their are also a multitude of Lore support heroes that can afford their actions on Healing Herbs. Bifur, Mirlonde, Damrod, Ori, Pippin, Folco, Galdor, Erestor, Bilbo, and Grima all fit the bill. I think this is an underrated card.

Light of Valinor is a borderline brokenly powerful card, and not just for it's interaction with the equally powerful Spirit Glorfindel. Elrond and Cirdan are both good targets, so they can lend their willpower to the quest and use their rings. You could put it on Arwen in a recursion deck to activate Tale of Tinuviel. Rossiel, Argalad, and Spirit Legolas are all good targets as well. Light of Valinor is quite flexible and is honestly one of the best action advantage cards in the game.