A Light in the Dark

Event. Cost: 2.

Action: Choose an enemy engaged with a player. Return that enemy to the staging area.

The light of the torches and the fire flickered about them...
The Hobbit
Erfian Asafat

Core Set #52. Spirit.

A Light in the Dark

This card is not as good as it looks. First of all, the price is too high. I don't even have a clue why? When you look at Feint for example, the usage is a little bit different, but I think the point is the same: stop attack of an enemy. I mean yes, moving enemy and stop enemy is little bit different, but why I should want to move enemy back to staging area, beside the situation I run boosted DĂșnhere?!? I mean it will add his threat again. Simply put, my opion is that this card is not even half-good as Feint and it cost twice as much, and they are both from core set. Or there is some great combo which i don't know about. Artwork is fine. Verdict: 3/5.

matrosh 293
It's a bit better now traps are in the game more...simply play your trap into the staging area, then push the big nasty engaged with you back into it. — ShortcutsMakeDelays 156
The cost still kills it though. Trap decks aren't often swimming in spirit resources. — MinkeWhale 61

Alight in the dark is way over-costed. I've never felt the need to play this because it's much easier to just take the hit and kill the enemy. Off course if you're running Dunhere or Haldir, it becomes viable but really? However I did put it good use once on JdtA. I used Henamarth and saw a troll staring at me, so I engaged an enemy I'd hoped not to, dealt Hill Troll as a shadow card and pushed the enemy back to the staging area!