Bombur. Hm.

In my opinion, ally Bombur is total and utter garbage. I am paying 3 resources for a 0 0 1 3 ally. I would have no problem with paying for that IF the ability was good or at least decent, BUT IT'S NOT! To exhaust Bombur for a -1 to a location is terrible. That is basically the equivalent of 1. Rather than playing this I could play allies such as Súlien, Bofur, or Faramir and get a much better use of my moola. There are soooooooooo many better uses of the card space and resources, and I don't think I have ever included him into one of my decks. The only time I can see this card to be useful is if there is a Underground location in play, then he becomes quite decent. If the ability was something similar to Súlien, but perhaps to a lesser extent or if his ability was to exhaust him to give a location -1 and if it has 0 then discard the location or something like that, then I would love to include the card.

Elfhelm is a fairly well-rounded character. With 2 of all stats, 4 health, and 10 threat, he is not a bad character. In my decks, I normally have one quester, one attacker, and one defender. Elfhelm is great because he can do it all fairly well. He works great as a quester when you use the card Scouting Party and also have at least one Rhovanion Outrider in play. This "power play" can use many allies like core set cards: Snowbourn Scout and Lórien Guide. If you have a deck with any horses, you should definitely have Elfhelm in your deck due to his ability to boost both himself and other heroes. For a leadership hero, Elfhelm is not to expensive, yet he is very well-rounded. I would advise having him in your leadership deck for sure, if not a mixed deck.

Got errated:

Boromir SoM 95
Should read: “Raise your threat by 1 to ready Boromir. (Limit once per phase.)”

I think he is still great with his new limitations. He can defend attacks during the quest phase, and with only a few readying cards, you get one extra readying effect. —

This is one of my favourite side quests. It is great since your can fetch it easily with Thurindir and give him that +1 once you complete it. It works great for quests like the Ruins of Belegost with lots of locations with the same name. This is like a larger and permanent version of Secret Paths except more fun and with great art. Overall, this card is very worth it in my books.

Also, it works great to negate those locations that give other locations more .