Well Preserved

Attachment. Cost: 1.


Attach to the hero with The One Ring.

Limit 1 per hero. Attached hero gets + 1 hit point.

Response: At the beginning of the round, exhaust The One Ring and raise your threat by 1 to heal all damage from attached hero.

Torbjörn Källström

Under the Ash Mountains #85. Lore.

Well Preserved

Anyone who uses Frodo's ability to trade threat for damage will recognize how powerful this card can be. Goes well with Ring of Barahir and Song of Mocking. Could honestly use it on Frodo himself to reduce his threat expenditure. I personally am a fan of keeping The One Ring on Frodo for theme reasons, so I will probably do just that!

The only thing that makes me hesitate to use this card more is the timing issue since it can only be used at the beginning of the round. Makes Gloin decks much easier to set up though! — Tkohl 47
I've been using it, and I have to agree. The timing makes it very difficult to justify. It's still very powerful and I think in the 'right' deck it has a place. But being forced to do it every turn is also risky. — Madd.Dawgg 32
You are not forced to do it every turn. Responses are always optional. — Marcelf 1334
I did not know this. Thank you. — Madd.Dawgg 32