Love of Tales

Attachment. Cost: 0.


This card was errata'd

Attach to a hero. Limit 1 per hero.

Response: After a Song card is played, exhaust Love of Tales to add 1 resource to attached hero's resource pool.

"I listened because I couldn't help myself, if you know what I mean. Lor bless me, sir, but I do love tales of that sort."
Sam Gamgee, The Fellowship of the Ring
Winona Nelson

The Long Dark #85. Lore.

Love of Tales

Love sat alone on his re-writ throne

And every other turn made a resource stone;

If a Song was played, he a resource made,

But Songs were hard to come by.

Done by! Gum by!

In a binder's tabs Love dwelt alone

For Songs were hard to come by.

Then up came Stew with his bearing rude

And asked he Love: 'Why, who are you?

You're no card of note or your name I'd know;

You must be binder fodder.

Plodder! Splotter!

You're a stranger to me but not quite new;

You must be binder fodder.'

'My friend,' said Love, 'you knew me old of;

Why, once we were close as a hand in glove!

But Caleb was vexed by my ready text,

And to fix it he had me erratad.

Lottad! Hoppad!

He took a red pen to my box of text,

And I was knelt down by errata.'

'No wonder you're here!' Stew said with a sneer,

'Our players have no need for a crippled deer!

If you're not right strong then move right along;

The fans have no need of weaklings.

Sweetlings! Deetlings!

There exists no room for weak cards here,

And errata makes you but a weakling.'

'For Boromir, true,' says Love back to Stew,

'but there are other players with a different view.

And, though I have zip for the players Pip,

I have plenty for players Bilbo.

Pilbo! Trillbo!

I have naught for the others, this fact is true,

But I have plenty to offer Bilbo.'

Now, Stew was stunned and right outgunned

For Love had repeated what Caleb had sung;

'You can be strong or part of combo long,

But there's also room for thematic.

Mathematic! Dramatic!'

There was a need for those cards that had the game outgunned,

But there was also a need for thematic.

Stew bid Love 'good day' and then ran away,

Lest Caleb decide his text, too, to slay;

But Love don't care, for he didn't stay there,

For a Bilbo player found him.

Pound him! Ground him!

He was taken on out, The Long Dark to play,

For a Bilbo player had found him.

This is awesome!!! — Turgon 576

I find that this card can be extremely useful in songs based decks, obviously. It basically lets you play the first song you played this turn for 1 less resource, but that is only one thing that is great about. I'm sure most players overlook this, but it can be used to shift around resources. You could make a deck based around piling resources on a hero for effects like Blood of Númenor, Lay of Nimrodel and Gondorian Fire for some fun. An idea I made was a song and pipe deck based around Glóin with the other heroes being Beravor and Pippin. I played a Fireside Song and a bunch of songs on Pippin for some massive , and used Beravor for card draw, since songs and pipes are cheap to play. I also threw a Blood of Númenor and Gondorian Fire on gloin with some readying effects for some fun. For another deck, you could do a similar idea with Bifur and Denethor while giving the noble trait to Bifur for a similar effect.

The problem is, there aren't very many different Song deck builds. — Wandalf the Gizzard 2430
You'd also need to give Glóin the Gondor trait before giving him Blood of Numenor or Gondorian Fire (easily accomplished with Steward of Gondor, of course, but worth pointing out). The other thing to note is that the effect triggers "After a Song card is played" not "After you play a Song card" so the 'do I include?' calculation can be made much easier. Say you're doing a song-based deck, perhaps hobbits, and you're in fellowship with an elf deck and a dwarf deck, both of which have a couple songs each (e.g. Song of Durin). Love of Tales will give you resources when those cards are played, too, which is nice — aea2o5 20