Hero. Threat: 11. 1   3   2   5  

Gondor. Noble. Warrior.

Action: Raise your threat by 1 to ready Boromir. (Limit once per phase.)

Action: Discard Boromir to deal 2 damage to each enemy engaged with a single player.

" Gondor we must trust to such weapons as we have." The Fellowship of the Ring
Tiziano Baracchi

The Dead Marshes #95. Tactics.


Got errated:

Boromir SoM 95
Should read: “Raise your threat by 1 to ready Boromir. (Limit once per phase.)”

Sarseth 44
I think he is still great with his new limitations. He can defend attacks during the quest phase, and with only a few readying cards, you get one extra readying effect. — Lecitadin 129

Boromir is OP. Period. Even without the Blood/Fire/Steward shenanigans he's incredible. With the amount of threat reduction available at this point in the game's life, you could build a deck entirely devoted to threat reduction to keep that Boromir player up and running. There's also the deck idea of setting up the other players to do their thing and then die before revealing encounter cards. Boromir fits right in to it. Honestly, there is no limit to the power of Boromir (and I don't want him errata'd!). — Sarseth 44