Gondorian Shield

Attachment. Cost: 1.

Armor. Item.

Attach to a hero. Restricted.

Limit 1 per hero.

Attached hero gains +1 . (+2 instead if attached hero has the Gondor trait.)

There flowered a White Tree, and that was for Gondor...
The Return of the King
Owen William Weber

The Steward's Fear #5. Tactics.

Gondorian Shield

I found it really strange that a card so good as this still has no review.

Even in it's basic form a +1 Def for 1 resource is still a good bargain, as DĂșnedain Warning teaches us (even though I think the true strength of the Warning lies in its ability to be moved where more needed each time) but it really becomes bonkers with a Gondor hero. Besides the obvious choice of Beregond (where it's free) and Beregond there are lots of heroes which really benefit from it, from Boromir to both Denethors, to Mablung (perhaps readied for the combat phase with a Steed of the North or a Wingfoot), Prince Imrahil and even Eleanor for those rounds where no treachery is canceled with her abiity for various reasons.