Steed of the North

Attachment. Cost: 1.


Attach to a Dunedain or Ranger hero. Restricted.

Response: After you engage an enemy, exhaust Steed of the North to ready attached hero.

Their horses were strong and of proud bearing, but rough-haired... -The Return of the King
Carlos Palma Cruchaga

Race Across Harad #30. Leadership.

Steed of the North

Another really good action advantage card, especially in large Fellowships, where enganging enemies can be quite common. Some really good targets for it are Mablung (for engagement double value), the various version of Aragorn and both versions of Faramir

Combine it with Leather Boots to increase your action advantage. With both cards on a Ranger hero you can quest and then ready when an enemy or location comes off the encounter deck. No readying on treacheries but that doesn't matter in the scenarios I have played. I use Steed of the North and Leather Boots with Aragorn, Beravor, Thurindir.

MJG31 4
Unless you are trying to not kill enemies engaged with you, you typically don't need action advantage if a location is revealed, at least in Solo. Plus, if you are going to spend two resources for readying, Unexpected Courage is better. Thus, I think Leather Boots should not be used with this card. — NERD 808
Ready Beravor with Leather Boots after a location is revealed to use her card draw. I don't run spirit heros much so 1 Steed of the North + 1 Leather Boots is the same cost as Unexpected Courage. Also 6 cards (3 Boots + 3 Steeds) are drawn more often than 3 Unexpected Courages. — MJG31 4
True, but you are implying that you want both. Drawing two combo pieces is a lot less likely than drawing a single card. In multiplayer, I agree with your analysis. However, even then, I would put the boots and steed on different heroes. — NERD 808