Hero. Threat: 12. 2   3   2   5  

DĂșnedain. Ranger.


Refresh Action: Reduce your threat to your starting threat level. (Limit once per game.)

"I am older than I look, I might prove useful."
The Fellowship of the Ring
Tony Foti

The Watcher in the Water #53. Lore.


Aragorn is one of the most fundamentally powerful heroes in the game. The ability to pretty much make threat a non-issue is bonkers, especially when you throw Desperate Alliance in the mix (this will also prevent your friends from shredding you when you play Deep Knowledge). Aragorn here is a good quester if you can get Sword that was Broken or Celebrian's Stone on him. He's a two/five sentinel defender with natural access to Burning Brand. He's even a good attacker. Or you can go the triple Unexpected Courage route with all of his toys and turn Aragorn into a one-man Last Alliance.