Attachment. Cost: 1.

Artifact. Item.

Attach to the active location. Attached location gets +1 quest point.

Response: After attached location leaves play as an explored location, the first player puts 1 ally into play from his hand.

"It is a beryl, an elf-stone. Whether it was set there, or let fall by chance, I cannot say, but it brings hope to me"
Aragorn, The Fellowship of the Ring
Sandara Tang

The Black Riders #16. Lore.


I don't play with this card much any more, but when The Black Riders first came out I used it frequently. It can be a game changer if circumstances are perfect, but it requires some careful planning and a little bit of luck. Imagine dropping an ally Beorn, Glorfindel, or Gildor for free!

I mostly play multiplayer now so I don't play this very much because it becomes difficult to make sure the Elf-Stone triggers during the correct players turn and that the player still has a high cost ally in his hand.

I like this card. It encourages traveling to a location by giving a strong benefit. You can actually attach more than one to a location if you are in a position to do so. An interesting combination to consider is adding Shadow of the Past to reuse tolerable locations. — Nystrum 40
Sorry, only one can be attached due to card being unique. — Nystrum 40
It’s my understanding you don’t have to travel to a location to explore it. Could stick this card on a location in the staging area and reap the benefits without traveling to it, if beneficial and you have cards that add progress tokens to locations in the staging area. — Lord Snappy Pants 1

There was someone who said that Galadriel's effect could be activated with the put into play effect of this card because of 'put into play from his hand'. But, I think Galadriel's effect will not be activated unless 'enter' because 'put' must be distinguished from 'play'. Which one is right?

Ally Galadriel requires you to play her from your hand to activate her Response, but "play" and "put into play" are two different concepts in this game. So no, Elf-stone does not combo off with ally Galadriel (but it does with ally Elronds since he says "enters play") — Alonewolf87 2307
I needed confirmation of what I knew, and thanks to you, I solved it. THANKS :) — mathplanet 240