Gandalf's Staff

Attachment. Cost: 2.

Artifact. Item. Staff.

Attach to Gandalf. Restricted.

Action: Exhaust Gandalf's Staff to (choose one): choose a player to draw 1 card, add 1 resource to a hero's resource pool, or discard a shadow card from a non-unique enemy.

...he held his staff aloft, and from its tip there came a feint radiance. The Fellowship of the Ring
Victor Maury

The Road Darkens #8. Neutral.

Gandalf's Staff

Auto-include in a deck using hero Gandalf. I'd even suggest 3x despite it being unique. It's the most flexible resource generator in the game, not as stupidly fast as Steward of Gondor, but I still prefer it because you can choose who gets the resources. If you're digging for something or just good on money, drawing cards is never a bad thing. Don't forget that you can and should use it on your teammates, who might be looking for their own combo pieces or holding a Feint or A Test of Will that will save your asses. Finally, there's the oft-overlooked shadow discard option, which I don't think I've ever used, but it could be relevant in some do-or-die blocking situations.