Ally. Cost: 2. 1   0   0   2  

Minstrel. Rohan.

Action: Exhaust Gléowine to choose a player. That player draws 1 card.

Then the Riders of the King's House upon white horses rode round about the barrow and sang together a song of Théoden Thengle's son that Gléowine his minstrel made...
The Return of the King
Tony Foti

Core Set #62. Lore.


Good ally who massively boosts your card draw.

I can't get over the bad artwork. He is bald on top, with long hair on the sides... kind of like a mad professor combined with a rock guitarist? Also, necks don't bend that way.

Edd037 44
True words. — Truck 1416
I agree about the artwork — nelloianiro 1017
It’s called a skullet. Portmanteau of skull and mullet. See Devin Townsend during the Strapping Young Lad years. Possibly the single I funniest haircut in the history of mankind. — PaxCecilia 1
Devin is one of the singlemost funny people on earth.....and an amazing musician, writer, singer, entertainer.... and a pretty cool dude — 1

Everytime I draw this one, it makes me happy. Gléowine is undeniably good card giving you 1 extra card per round for cost of two, accelerating your hand options and it even doesn't matter he is unique. He also got Rohan trait, which makes him good in rohan deck, good in multiplayer providing the card to any player and I also often use him in non-lore deck with discard mechanism and Stand and Fight. One of the best options for extra cards in play. Artwork is also very good. Verdict: 5/5.

matrosh 538

Gleowine (or, if you're matthew dempsey, Gleowinny), is a pretty good card. I don't know of anyone who actually uses that single willpower stat or the two hit points, but an extra card a round with no downsides is a pretty good deal for two resources.

This guy is a life saver in my lore decks. Such card draw for so little investment, especially in solo play. In multi he is still helpful for your allies who are running low on cards. Great card! — Mad Morderan 135
Also, I should say that "gleowinny" is probably the correct pronunciation since the Rohirrim basically speak Old English, which has no silent letters. — Mad Morderan 135