Doughty Ranger

Attachment. Cost: 1.


Attach to a hero. Limit 1 per hero. Attached hero gains the Ranger trait.

Response: After you play Doughty Ranger from your hand, draw a card.

...he went forth clad only in rusty green and brown, as a Ranger of the wilderness. -The Fellowship of the Ring
Aleksander Karcz

Beneath the Sands #63. Lore.

Doughty Ranger

It's low-cost and low impact. But in general, if you have cards in your deck such as Coney in a Trap that require a ranger, you want a hero which starts out as a ranger, not one that relies on you drawing this to be able to play your other cards. I can see playing it in a deck which uses cards such as Ranger Spear and has 1-2 ranger heroes already, as a way to ensure you have targets for your attachments when you draw multiple copies late-game. But that's about it. Unless, of course, you're with working Prince Imrahil, although again you run into the problem that if your deck is full of ranger allies and you don't draw this early, you're having a bad time. Rangers don't have the comes-into-play abilities that makes Prince fun with elves either.

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