Ally. Cost: 4. 2   0   1   3  


Action: Choose and discard 1 card from your hand to draw 1 card. (Limit once per round.)

Beside Glorfindel there were several other counsellors of Elrond's household, of whom Erestor was the chief...
The Fellowship of the Ring
Magali Villeneuve

The Long Dark #77. Leadership.


Erestor is one of my favorite allies, and a good one too. Four resources in leadership shouldn't be hard to stomach, and Erestor fills one of his home sphere's weaknesses: card draw. Suddenly, all of those dead copies of Steward, Stone, StwB, or whatever are accelerating your hand; all while you're getting an extra two willpower and a sizable hit-point pool. Elven Light and Galdor ally add to the madness.