Dáin Ironfoot

Hero. Threat: 11. 1   2   3   5  

Dwarf. Noble. Warrior.

While Dáin Ironfoot is defending, he gains, 'Action: Discard the top card of your deck to give Dáin Ironfoot +1 for this attack. (Limit 3 times per phase.)'

Alexander Kozachenko

The Ghost of Framsburg #84. Spirit.

Dáin Ironfoot

I do not know why he does not have reviews, he is amazing hero. First, he have 3 def and can boost it up to 6! With allies like Imladris Stargazer he can make things like Hidden Cache happens very fast. Second, 5 hp is a lot! Third, opposite to leadership Dain, blue Dain can be used in any deck (he is not limited by the dwarves).

Pair him with Gandalf (Hero ver.) so you know what you are discarding. — Truck 1416