Soldier of Erebor

Ally. Cost: 5. 0   3   3   3  

Dwarf. Warrior.

Action: Discard the top 3 cards from your deck to ready Soldier of Erebor. (Limit once per round.)

Matthew Cowdery

The Ghost of Framsburg #85. Leadership.

Soldier of Erebor

I initially overlooked the usefulness of this card, because of the cost, but it's better than I thought. Dwarf synergy. It shares a trait with Prince Imrahil. It's got A Very Good Tale and Sneak Attack in sphere. Sneak him in for two attacks or defenses. You can get this guy in for cheap, with strong stats and built in readying which is incredibly useful. It's also leadership where things are generally expensive, but resources are plentiful. Leadership is not full of powerful combat allies.