Hero. Threat: 6. 2   0   1   2  


Merry gets +1 for each Hobbit hero you control.

Response: After Merry participates in an attack that destroys an enemy, ready another character that participated in that attack.

"You can trust us to stick to you through thick and thin to the bitter end" The Fellowship of the Ring
Alexandre Dainche

The Black Riders #3. Tactics.


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I very much like Merry. Low threat and gives the ability for someone else to potentially attack again. I have recently tried him with Elrohir and Elladan brothers and it is a nice deck, especially with Rivendell Blade on Elladan. Works with Háma well too, as if need be you can return two tactics events in one turn (now limited to thrice a game).

Merry also fits in as a solid choice for a Hobbit deck with Sam Gamgee and another Hobbit. Add in Fast Hitch and you can keep the offense going or quest and still attack, or try and trigger the effect multiple times.

Very good card for 6 threat, very easy to fit into other decks.

k_rock 23
Especially with the new Bond of Friendship contract which can let Merry start with 4 attack in any quest and 5 in Saga quest where you have Frodo/Bilbo (even 6 with a Sword-Thain Rosie) — Alonewolf87 2271
My favorite combo is Merry in one deck and tBrand in another - perpetually readying each other. — bobbymcbobface 690